Adding & Mixing RAM.. PLZ HELP!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by xguntherc, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. xguntherc

    xguntherc Guest

    Ok everyone, bare with me here.. I have a
    HP Pavillion a6009n with 1024 MB of PC2-4200 DDR2 RAM, It's two of the
    GE Force 6150 and all that good stuff

    My question for the forum is I want to add more RAM. I'm not sure how
    it all works.. on you can enter ur exact comp model
    number and it finds what ur computer needs.. so I've done that and have
    decided to get Kingston or the ACP-EP,
    both are 1GB DDR2, but both are PC2-5300 (667MHz)..
    Thats what it said to get online.. so my question is:
    1. is it ok to mix different brands of RAM,
    2. I'm Running Dual Channel, with two 512 Cards is it bad to mix a
    different kind, size, and speed in the 3rd slot... will it change how
    the Dual Channel works... I'm not sure how all the RAM stuff works.. if
    anyone can please please help me I'd really appreciate it. please
    message me back here, or at

    Thanks again..!
    xguntherc, Mar 13, 2008
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  2. 1. Generally yes, though it may disable dual channel support.

    2. Will definitely disable dual channel. For proper use, dual channel
    requires that each pair of memory slots have the same size, speed, etc,
    preferably in "matched pairs" that have been tested to ensure they will work
    the same. Sometimes mix and match works sometimes not. The memory will
    work but dual channel mode will be disabled and you'll take a performance
    hit if you install memory that won't work in dual channel.
    Richard G. Harper, Mar 13, 2008
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  3. xguntherc

    PMcGarr Guest

    Sometimes Dell ships machines with ECC ram. If you have ECC ram, you
    can't mix it with non-ECC ram. Don't make that mistake, but if your
    board is running ECC ram already, you'd be better off to just disregard
    it and buy all non-ECC because buying ECC to match is more expensive
    than buying all new RAM. I think CPU-Z will tell you if you have ECC

    Also, you can buy any DDR2 ram that is PC2-4200 or higher.

    DDR2 RAM is so cheap these days, it's a shame to have too little.



    case: antec p182
    psu: corsair 750tx
    mobo: asus maximus formula
    cpu: intel q6600
    ram: 8gb ocz ddr2 800mhz
    vga: sapphire radeon hd3870 512mb
    tv: sapphire theatrix 650pro
    hdd: 2x wd caviar 250gb sata (raid 0)
    hdd: 3x wd caviar 500gb sata (raid 5)
    os: vista ultimate 64bit
    PMcGarr, Mar 13, 2008

  4. Sorry, my wife doesn't permit me to bare with anyone except her. ;-)

    Although you can sometimes get away with it, the safer thing to do is
    to have everything the same, including the brand.

    Same thing. You should get everything as close to identical as
    possible. Besides your running the risk of incompatibility if you
    don't, you'll lose performance if you disable dual channel by not
    having these the same.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Mar 13, 2008
  5. xguntherc

    xguntherc Guest

    ok ok i understand.. so i beleive I have 2 more slots left.. so i could
    get instead of 1 GB.. i could get another two of the 512MB ones and put
    them in.. and have 2 pairs of dual channels.. would that work.. and I
    ran CPU-Z and it says the RAM is from like hyundia electronics.. thats
    what was stock in my HP.. lol.. what shouild I do.. I just wanna add
    more and have it work better.. let me kno.
    xguntherc, Mar 14, 2008
  6. xguntherc

    PMcGarr Guest

    To make it simple, buy this...

    ' - G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2
    6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail'

    remove the stock memory a discard it. Install in the same locations as
    the old ram. Better yet, buy two kits and install one in each of the
    four available slots.

    Dual channel will still work, and you'll have 4Gb RAM for about $100.
    Windows 32 bit systems will only see about 3.25Gb of that, but that's
    ok. G-skill memory has a good rating overall too. If you're not
    farmilliar with NewEgg, they are a reputable store...very reputable.

    I am quite sure of this. Somebody back me up so he can feel confident
    he is buying the right stuff.



    case: antec p182
    psu: corsair 750tx
    mobo: asus maximus formula
    cpu: intel q6600
    ram: 8gb ocz ddr2 800mhz
    vga: sapphire radeon hd3870 512mb
    tv: sapphire theatrix 650pro
    hdd: 2x wd caviar 250gb sata (raid 0)
    hdd: 3x wd caviar 500gb sata (raid 5)
    os: vista ultimate 64bit
    PMcGarr, Mar 14, 2008
  7. xguntherc

    xguntherc Guest

    oh ok.. thanks.. ya I've heard of newegg before.. no worries.. that ra
    will fit right.. ya I think I will just get a set of two 1GB cards fro
    newwegg or from curcuit city or something and just do that.. that
    double what I have now and I'm sure i will notice a difference.. would
    GB make it that much more noticeable??? I'm not to familiar with ho
    much RAM helps comps (I kno what it does) but is 4 that much mor
    amazing than what 2 would do?.. anyways thanks for ur help. let me kn
    what you think of that idea I just posted.. thx again
    xguntherc, Mar 14, 2008
  8. xguntherc

    PMcGarr Guest

    Going from 1gb to 2 will be a very noticable increase. After that, it
    really depends on what you do. You probably won't see too much
    difference with additional RAM after that unless you are using programs
    that consume large amounts of RAM. Personally, I would put in 4gb, but
    if you put in two with the solution I mentioned above, you can buy
    another kit if you're not happy. My main point is don't bother trying
    to match your existing RAM, Just remove it. You'll spend more trying to
    match it, and you'll end up filling all your slots to acheive just 2gb
    leaving you no alternative when you decide you want more, but to toss 4
    sticks of ram.

    My opinon...dump in two 1gb sticks. If you feel you need more, get
    another kit. I put in 8gb on my system, and I'll admit that it was
    overkill. The good thing is that I won't be needing ram for a loooong

    I don't know what you'll get at Circuit City, but I do know that 2Gb
    G-skill DDR2 @ $45 and free shipping is a great deal.



    case: antec p182
    psu: corsair 750tx
    mobo: asus maximus formula
    cpu: intel q6600
    ram: 8gb ocz ddr2 800mhz
    vga: sapphire radeon hd3870 512mb
    tv: sapphire theatrix 650pro
    hdd: 2x wd caviar 250gb sata (raid 0)
    hdd: 3x wd caviar 500gb sata (raid 5)
    os: vista ultimate 64bit
    PMcGarr, Mar 14, 2008
  9. xguntherc

    Mick Murphy Guest

    Also, if you try and match the old RAM, "identical" ones you might find are
    bound to have different modules in them!
    Mick Murphy, Mar 14, 2008
  10. xguntherc

    xguntherc Guest

    ok so tell me this.. I am going to get RAM right now. I have a freind
    that works at COMP USA so I'm getting 25 percent off. can't say no to
    that.. I'm gettin two 1GB Corsair XMS2 DHX chips, ddr2 pc-6400 at
    800MHz.. I think that 2 GB will be enough.. plus i read up and corsair
    is a highly recommended brand... so here is ONE more question. I was
    told to pull out old ram instead of trying to match with my old stuff..
    so my plan is to pull the two 512 cards out and put in these new ones..
    but now I think about it can I pull them out and then put them in slot 3
    and 4.. so I will have matching 1gb chips.. and the other dual channel
    will be the stock matching 512's for a total of a lil over 3GB.. can i
    do that, Will that work? or is it not good to mix sizes with the 2
    channels. if anyone knows what I should do please let me kno. otherwise
    I'm just using the two 1GB til i hear what to do with my old ones..
    please get back to me ASAP.. thanks again everyone for ur input!

    xguntherc, Mar 15, 2008
  11. xguntherc

    JW Guest

    It should work as long as you run all of the memory at the slowest speed of
    either pair of Dims through the BIOS setup. Certainly is you can get a pair
    of 1GB DDR2 PC 6400 memory for around $50 it is a good deal.
    JW, Mar 15, 2008
  12. xguntherc

    PMcGarr Guest

    You can try whatever you want. It won't hurt anything. To support dual
    channel though, you need to install matching RAM in slots 1 and 3. if
    you are going to try to use your old ram too, put it in slots 2 and 4.
    Usually boards that support dual channel color code the slots. You'll
    have two blue and two black. Might be different colors. Put matching
    ram in matching color slots.

    Please take a minute when you are done to let us know how it went. You
    sure did your homework on this!

    In my area, CompUSA is going out of business. You can't return
    anything you buy. If your friend works there, he must know if that's
    true for you or not. Just pointing that out. Good luck.



    case: antec p182
    psu: corsair 750tx
    mobo: asus maximus formula
    cpu: intel q6600
    ram: 8gb ocz ddr2 800mhz
    vga: sapphire radeon hd3870 512mb
    tv: sapphire theatrix 650pro
    hdd: 2x wd caviar 250gb sata (raid 0)
    hdd: 3x wd caviar 500gb sata (raid 5)
    os: vista ultimate 64bit
    PMcGarr, Mar 15, 2008
  13. xguntherc

    Canuck57 Guest

    For mixing different vendors/sizes of RAM, it usually works if they are well
    matched but no guaranty. The matching isn't just size, it is timing. Do
    not be surprised if the old memory works, the new memory works but if you
    add them together they do not. If dual channel, the opposite channel bank
    should always be the same.

    On one PC I have, it came with 2 x 512M, I added 2 x 1024M for a total of
    3GB. Worked perfectly. With many PCs before this it seems to be the case
    most of the time.

    On a recent PC however I did have the following occur. The OEM memory
    worked. The new memory worked. But if I put 2 OEM 1GB in and 2 new 2GB in
    it would not work. I did chase down the issue to RAM timing, the new memory
    was considerably faster. Do not mix new high performance memory with
    standard OEM memory. Does not necessarily work.

    In any case, research your PCs motherboard. Sometimes they have preferences
    on how to load the memory. Largest first, opposing banks etc.

    One other note, your motherboard may support more than 3GB of memory, but it
    is a waste of your money to put more in it if the operating system isn't 64
    Canuck57, Mar 15, 2008
  14. xguntherc

    xguntherc Guest

    wait a minute, why would i put the matching cards in 1 and 3.?? and yes
    they are color coated. the stock ram was in the 2 blue, and i still have
    2 black. so i pulled the old out and threw in my new ones.. (In the Blue
    Slots) and also ur right. I didn't go to the compusa my freind works at
    cuz online it said i had one right down the street.. so i went down, and
    sure enough my bad luck it's all dark and shut DOWN.. no more compusa. I
    still got ram, i found a good deal at bestbuy, i hate geting things from
    there tho, i got the 2 pack of 1GB PNY DDR2 PC2-5300.. I see PNY brand
    all the time but never have tried it.. so far they work great.. they
    were 64.99 at best buy, then i stopped at circuit city to look and the
    exact same 2 pack i got at bestbuy was $160.99.. seriously. no lie. it
    was damn near $100 more at CC. so ya now running at 2 GB I do see
    noticeable improvements.. much smoother.. PNY works great so far, no
    complaints... but if I am ok to add those stock two 512's to the black
    slots then I'm going to.. ur saying thats ok? or maybe i should toss the
    stock hyundia lol and just get another 2 PNY or something nice.. let me
    kno.. sorry message is so long. thanks again!

    xguntherc, Mar 15, 2008
  15. xguntherc

    PMcGarr Guest

    I only have experience with the dual channel ram running in 1 an3, etc.
    Maybe some boards do it differently. Most likely following the colo
    coding is the way to go. If you have different colored slots, pu
    similar ram in similar colored slots. Typically, you should look in
    manual or something. Your system should have info on this.

    Yes! this is a long post. If you want to try the old memory, go ahead
    I'd take advantage of the fact that you have the chance now to buy tw
    more matching sticks and just get them. Put in four, forget about th
    dual channel questions and forget about adding more ram for quite som

    Back to my original recommendation...get four sticks of the ram
    discard the old stuff, and enjoy. Anyway, sorry about the 1 and 3 slo
    confusion. Your situation might be an OEM choice. Typically it's ever
    other slot, but that's up to the manufacture of the board.



    case: antec p18
    psu: corsair 750t
    mobo: asus maximus formul
    cpu: intel q660
    ram: 8gb ocz ddr2 800mh
    vga: sapphire radeon hd3870 512m
    tv: sapphire theatrix 650pr
    hdd: 2x wd caviar 250gb sata (raid 0
    hdd: 3x wd caviar 500gb sata (raid 5
    os: vista ultimate 64bit
    PMcGarr, Mar 15, 2008
  16. xguntherc

    xguntherc Guest

    ya my slots are first 2 are blue, and second 2 are black.. so i put both
    my sticks in the blue.. and ya i probably will discard these stock cards
    and get 2 more PNY, maybe, not sure if I really need it cuz It's going
    pretty fast as of now.. so thank you everyone for ur help. i appreciate
    it.. happy posting!
    xguntherc, Mar 16, 2008
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