Address Bar in Pop up/Modal Windows

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Tim, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Tim

    Tim Guest

    What's with the address bar showing up in pop windows or modal windows? How
    do you make that go away?
    Tim, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Sorry. This is for IE 7
    Tim, Feb 1, 2006
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  3. Tim

    mattmcde Guest

    I agree and would like to see an option to disable this, atleast for trusted
    sites. The URL is already displayed in the status bar. I noted that even
    though the address bar is read only, the user can still pull it down and
    select an address from thier history.
    mattmcde, Feb 1, 2006
  4. The "mini address bar" for modal/modeless dialogs and windows opened with is a security feature, intended to prevent bad sites from
    opening windows that appear to be from good sites. It is still undergoing
    some revision.
    Chris Force [MSFT], Feb 3, 2006
  5. Tim

    Chris Guest

    I am the lead software architect at Maintenance Connection, Inc. and our
    web-based application has always pushed IE to it's max in terms of
    DHTML....etc. and we have always paid careful attention to how our widely
    used application will "change" with each new version of IE.

    Regarding the "address bar" in pop up / modal windows in IE7 - I would like
    to suggest the following:

    1) With XP SP2, the IE6 browser changed to where IE displayed a status bar
    at the bottom of modal and modeless windows as a security measure to prevent
    phising. This was a welcome addition by Microsoft in terms of improving
    security. We were happy to find out that by informing our customers that if
    they put in their Trusted Sites - this status
    bar was removed from modal / modeless windows - which makes sense - you are
    trusting this domain - so there is no need to display this status bar if the
    developer turns this off. The screen then has more "real estate" and it
    doesn't look as "busy" to the end-user.

    2) With IE7 - putting in the trusted sites not
    only brings back the status bar that we were able to turn off in XP SP2
    (IE6) ALSO puts a DUPLICATE status bar "drop-down" at the top of the
    modeless / modal windows. At this point - we can find no way to remove the
    DUPLICATE status bars.

    I would like to suggest the following and understand your feedback regarding
    these suggestions:

    1) Please have an option to turn these status bars off keeping with the way
    this is handled in XP SP2. It makes sense to allow this if the CUSTOMER
    trusts the domain. It SHOULD BE UP TO THE USERS - not Microsoft how their
    windows / modeless / modal windows appear. Would you agree? There should be
    no security concern once a USER DECIDES to trust a domain.

    2) If MICROSOFT can't agree to #1 - then AT LEAST display 1 bar - NOT
    2.....and PREFERABLY at the bottom - NOT the our widely used
    web-based application sells itself because it is secure, has very
    user-friendly screens, and is easy to use. Now - when our end-users open
    windows with IE7 (for example a report criteria modal window popup)
    see the end of all these URL parameters at the top "status bar" - and then
    another status bar at the bottom....making our popup windows very unappealing
    and "busy looking". The USERS should be able to decide if they trust a
    domain and this should REMOVE these bars.

    3) If MICROSOFT can't agree to #1 OR #2 - then my suggestion is to ONLY
    DISPLAY the DOMAIN NAME - not all the URL Parameters that are meaningless to
    our end users and again - with our many parameters on the URL - you see this
    long "string of nonsense" that is placed at the top of all our windows. This
    again - makes our application "busy" looking with REDUNDANT information at
    the top and the bottom.

    I certainly understand the purpose of going this route (security,
    phising...etc) - and we are a very security conscious company - but that
    being said - there should not be a security issue if THE USER DECIDES to
    trust a domain - as THAT IS HOW IT WORKS IN XP SP2 - where the INTRANET and
    TRUSTED areas do not AUTOMATICALLY display these bars.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this - I respect whatever direction
    Microsoft heads in regarding this - I just hope Microsoft understands the
    implications here. I would be happy to show any one of your product managers
    our application and how it affects the user experience when using our

    Maintenance Connection, Inc.
    Chris, Feb 4, 2006
  6. Tim

    YAH Guest

    If I may raise a warning flag here... just because someone adds a site to the
    "Trusted sites" zone doesn't mean they trust the site so much that they don't
    want to see address/status info. If IE's security zone system were more
    flexible and allowed users to create enough additional zones that they could
    dedicate "Trusted sites" to truly trusted sites, that would be one thing. But
    there is no way to do that, at least not via the UI. So what alot of people do
    is lock down the Internet zone (restrict everything by default) and then use
    the "Trusted sites" zone as a "somewhat trusted sites" zone. If that makes
    any sense.

    Having said that, I have no problem with cluefull users being able to selectively
    control how address & status are displayed. In fact, they are the ONLY ones
    that should have ANY control over that.
    YAH, Feb 5, 2006
  7. There should be some option that allows me to turn off the address bar in
    Modal dialogs!?!

    The added address bar is confusing and messes up the layout of the pages I'm
    used to viewing.

    I could see this being a real annoyance for users to our site...
    For example the url includes a few GUID's in the querystring making the url
    long enough that all the user sees in the drop down box is a random

    I'm all for security, but perhaps you could make this an option for sites in
    the Trusted Zone?!? Or even if the site was protected by SSL.

    Also It might be more useful to just display the Domain name... for example:

    Instead of a read only combo box with:

    The top could read:
    Web Modal Dialog - ( - ManageList.aspx

    Please help!!!
    David W. Rasmussen, Feb 10, 2006
  8. Tim

    EugeneP Guest

    This address bar adds additional inconvenience in case of fixed-size pop-up
    windows because the bottom of this window becomes invisible (and no scroll
    bar!). And this is a problem if some important information is there (such as
    buttons you need to press).
    EugeneP, Mar 9, 2006
  9. Tim

    Jinseng Guest

    I totally agree. I’ve noticed this problem with every fixed sized pop-up
    window. Even Outlook Web Access looks different because of this. I know why
    it’s there, but I would like it to stay hidden if the pop-up is from the same
    site as the page that spawned it if the spawning page is in the trusted sites
    or Intranet Zones.

    And in instances where it does appear I’d appreciate it if IE would make the
    pop-up that much larger so the entire page is displayed.
    Jinseng, May 6, 2006
  10. Tim

    wildcard Guest

    If you have surfed to a trusted site and click on a link which open a popup
    window, the adress bar or status bar should NOT be displayed if the document
    in the popup comes from *the same domain* as the document which opened the

    If the main windows document AND the popup windows document comes from the
    same domain AND that domain is added as a trusted site, there is NO reason to
    force an adress bar and/or status window in the popup.

    Only if the main windows document and the popup windows document comes from
    DIFFERENT domains, there can be a security reason to force and adress bar
    and/or status bar to be shown.
    wildcard, May 11, 2006
  11. Tim

    Bugs Whale Guest

    I found this:
    But it does not work. I tried to set the security template of the trusted
    sites to low (after including the site to the trusted sites list ofcourse),
    then I did the setting manually. Still got the "mini address bar". Did anyone
    tried this with the same (no) result? Is this (lack of) feature by design or
    we have some hope for the future versions?
    Bugs Whale, Jun 19, 2006
  12. Tim

    Jinseng Guest

    In Beta 3 I'm still not happy with the Mini Address Bar. It's still a drop
    down but nothing shows up in the drop down list. At least it appears as
    though they re-worked IE to enlarge popup windows to allow for the added
    space that the bar takes up.
    Jinseng, Jul 27, 2006
  13. You can turn off the status bar by pressing Alt-V and unchecking it.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Aug 11, 2006
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