Adivce for the developers: sidebar & installing and uninstalling breaks eml and news associations

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by michail iakovou yos, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Just a warning ....and some advice

    installing and uninstalling breaks .eml and .nws associations
    ..eml assoc. can be fixed with a reg file from doug knox, but nws assoc, cant

    I had to do a system restore to get the functionality back.

    If you find my writting in caps annoying because its in your face.. you can
    imagine how annoying the adds are that
    take up half your screen. I know you can pay premium msn to get them off...
    but guys this is rediculous.....I know you can have the preview horizontal
    or vertical.. that does not change the
    area taken by the side bar.

    MS can make money in other ways.. they dont need an irritating banner that
    will ban (pun intended) live desktop from all respected freeware sites!
    You are making your own product repulsive and a thing to be avoided that
    While if you didnt do that, people would self promote it because they would
    like it. Its simple.

    Keep the search with live.. and get revenue from that.. but let the sidebar
    collapsable! For Gods sake!

    Mozilla made 56 million dollars without sidebanners with a free browser!

    Do your reasearch and start developing user - friendly non abusive
    michail iakovou yos, Jan 12, 2007
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  2. michail iakovou yos

    Chad Harris Guest

    My experience with this on Windows XP--I didn't install it on Vista. I know
    that while the Softies randomly look in all these groups, there is no
    assurance they would see any of this, so I plan to find the Win Mail team
    and email a PM or two. They need to get off their butts and fix this.

    I save newsgroup posts for reference when they have links I like or
    information I want to save. I save some posts I do, when they have taken
    considerable time or research time.

    So that I can retrieve them quickly if I need them for reference or to
    include in another post, I drag them out of OE or Win Mail to folders.

    When I installed Live Mail, Live Mail took over the association of my OE NWS
    messages. Anytime I wanted to open one of them, it opened as Live Mail. The
    problem with that was the Live Mail opens slower than a legless catapillar.
    Whoever are the PMs and developers on the Live Mail team need to shape
    things up. Also what the hell were you all doing taking over OE or Win Mail

    I uninstalled Windows Live Mail desktop, but stupidly the associations
    weren't fixed on the uninstall--which left the registry values altered.

    What you could have done to fix this besides using system restore was:

    For XP HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Microsoft Internet News Message\Shell\Command

    If you expand the SHELL key you have listed below, there is a subkey called
    Open under that (or there should be) and under that is a subkey called
    Command. That subkey has a default value. Set that default value to:

    "c:\program files\outlook express\msimn.exe" /nws:%1 and

    In Vista its

    "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Mail\WinMail.exe" /nws:%1

    Thanks to Steve Cochran who gave me this info and
    helped me fix this.

    Chad Harris, Jan 20, 2007
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