Administrator Accounts behave differently: Vista Home Premium

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Sargent_Barley, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I have two administrator accounts in Vista Home Premium and each
    behaves differently than the other.

    I have some folders in the path /user that I want to delete, and one
    administrator account could do it and the other couldn't. I also wanted
    to stop a Windows service and one could and the other couldn't.

    You see, mywebsearch had installed itself and Spybot wouldn't remove
    it, so I wanted to stop the service and delete the appropriate files,
    folders, and registry entries. This administrator thing is a bigger
    issue, though.

    Why cannot one administrator do the same administrator things the other

    I tried to fix it but the groups .msc that Vista refers to is not
    installed, or something (I don't really know what this is). I don't mind
    having one administrator that's a real admin account and a limited
    administrator, but in that case I need to swap these two accounts and I
    cannot swap them until I know how to activate administrator status for
    the one account that is not quite up to snuff.

    Make sense?

    In conclusion, I have two administrator accounts in Home Premium that
    behave differently; one is unable to delete /user files or stop
    services. I need to know how to fix that account and why these are


    Sargent_Barley, Mar 18, 2008
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  2. Sargent_Barley

    jamesvdm Guest

    Hi Sean

    It could be that one administrator seems to have lower access because it
    can't get to the other administrators files.

    Anyhow, if the spyware exists in just one user's profile then would it be an
    option to delete that user and their profile folder?

    jamesvdm, Mar 19, 2008
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  3. Could be; I'll have to check.

    However, one administrator could stop the Windows service related to
    the spyware and the other could not.

    Is there a way in Home Premium to see what group these administrators
    are in, if there are groups? And change the groups?

    I'm not worried about the spyware. The anomalies with the administrator
    accounts--the inability of an admin to stop a service--has me much more


    Sargent_Barley, Mar 19, 2008
  4. Sargent

    It could be that you have the Built-In Administrator account enabled. This
    account is the named "Administrator".

    Do you have User Account Control (UAC) disabled?
    What, exactly happens when you try to disable the service with the weak
    admin account?
    Is this a clean install of Vista or an upgrade?

    Vista Home versions do not have the advanced Users and Groups components.
    Ronnie Vernon MVP, Mar 21, 2008
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