Administrator doesn't have permission/rights to run tasks !?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Paul, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Here's something to think about:

    First of all, make sure it IS "your computer".
    Then, rather than RUNNING a good-quality Register Cleaner, actually
    ACT on the results (I assume there is a way to either FIX or DELETE
    thoses bad registry entries your tool showed you). I do advise you to
    back these entries up before deleting or fixing them.

    1) A normal User Account with "administrator permissions" in Vista is
    NOT the same as "The Administrator" account in XP or earlier.

    2) A user with "administrator" permissions in Vista is LIMITED (no
    matter what they say). Such accounts do NOT have permission to add
    or delete files from a System folder [by default]. You must give
    yourself this permission. Even then, there are some files or folders
    you will be UNABLE to obtain permissions for, such as Windows log
    files, page files or hibernation files.

    3) To obtain this permission, you MUST first upgrade your permissions
    manually to give yourself "Special permissions" , then take control of
    each such folder you wish to add or remove files from. I DON'T advise
    giving yourself special permissions for ANY special Windows folder,
    such as "Windows" itself, or any folder which is an alias to a real
    one (such as "My Documents, My Computer, etc..) Additionally, you
    will be UNABLE to delete any files or folders which are used
    exclusively by the System.

    4) Try opening up User Accounts (with UAC turned on) and deleting the
    "V" account first. You will have to get the password from whoever
    added the "V" account if you are unable to remove it.

    5) If that is unsuccessful, you will have to enable the
    "Administrator" account in Vista to be able to access it. Since this
    account is disabled by default when Vista is first installed, you will
    need to enable it. I don't know how to do this in Home Premium, since
    it does not include the Global Policy Template Editor, which would
    normally be used to enable it..

    Donald L McDaniel

    How can so many otherwise very intelligent people screw up
    something so simple so badly? If you stick a computer
    keyboard in front of most people, they'll suddenly drop
    30 points off their IQs. Much like placing a "Pork Barrel"
    bill in front of a politician: He'll forget all about
    "cooperation" the minute he counts the zeroes before the
    decimal point.
    Donald L McDaniel, Mar 8, 2008
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