Adobe Premiere Elements breaks Vista Media Centre

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by Mike Wells, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Mike Wells

    Mike Wells Guest


    I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and have been happily recording TV shows
    and burning them to DVD for several months (using both the built in Sonic &
    Nero encoders). I bought Adobe Premiere Elements and this functionality
    stopped working - I have definitely proven it is Premiere Elements as I've
    done a clean Vista build and the DVD burning worked, installed PE and it
    stopped working, uninstalled PE and it works again.

    I've contacted Adobe support who informed me:

    "Unless Premiere Elements 4.0 is not working, it's not an Adobe issue. If
    some Microsoft software stops working when PREL4 is installed the you should
    take it up with Microsoft.
    If Premiere Elements 4.0 would stop working because you installed some new
    Microsoft software, then naturally you would be calling us. In this case it
    is Microsoft software which stops working, so you should talk to them.
    We cannot troubleshoot Vista Media Center because its not our software."

    This I find unbelievable but here I am hoping someone's got some idea of
    where to start troubleshooting this...

    It appears to be related to the following DLLs - ad2mpegin.dll and
    ad2mcmpgdec.dll and shows itself by displaying the error SBEserver has
    stopped responding, followed by Media Centre crashing and restarting - this
    in response to a request to burn a DVD from recorded TV programmes.

    Any assistance would be gratefully accepted - I've just sent a high volume
    reply to Adobe technical support but don't hold out much hope....

    Mike Wells, Jan 15, 2008
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