Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 does not install...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Attila85, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Attila85

    Attila85 Guest

    When installing Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on Windows Vista, the installer stops
    saing "This installer works on Windows XP SP2 or higher", even if I enable
    Windows XP SP" compatibility mode. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
    Attila85, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. What response did you get from Adobe?
    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 11, 2006
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  3. Colin:
    Adobe still hasn't updated the PDF printer in Adobe Professional 7.08 to
    function with x64. I've given up on them updating anything until it' forced
    on them or they lose enough business. I know that I won't upgrade or
    purchase anything unless there is 64-bit support.
    Dennis Pack x64, v64B2, OPP2007B2, Jun 11, 2006
  4. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 11, 2006
  5. Andre:
    At work I have no choices, at home I have a choice most of the
    Dennis Pack x64, v64B2, OPP2007B2, Jun 11, 2006
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