Advice on Multiple TVs

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Chris, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Chris

    Chris Guest


    I have an HP 873n and am about to replace my standard TV
    with an HD set.

    What I'd like to know is whether there's a way to have
    Media Center work on both TVs (as well on my computer
    monitor). The video card can output to both S-video and
    composite, but I've run experiments and it seems that it
    will only output to one or the other. That isn't
    surprising, but I wonder if anyone can give me advice on a

    The most obvious option (to my meager intellect) would be
    to split either the composite or the S-video. Will that
    make my video card unhappy? Will the resulting signal be
    strong enough. If not, is there a way to boost it?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    -- Chris
    Chris, Nov 12, 2004
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  2. Peter Near [MCE MVP], Nov 13, 2004
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  3. Chris

    Chris Guest


    Wow, that looks perfect. I'd looked at Radio Shack but
    somehow I missed finding this. Thaks a lot for the help --
    I knew that if anyone had the answer it would be one of
    you guys!

    -- Chris
    Chris, Nov 13, 2004
  4. Note that I gave you the Radio Shack Canada website, the US inventory is
    sometimes a little different.

    Peter Near [MCE MVP], Nov 13, 2004
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