Aero theme missing, vista theme were actually aero

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Jim, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    When I first installed windows vista ultimate, I had three themes, Windows
    Aero, Windows Vista, and Windows Classic. Then yesterday, I noticed that
    Windows Aero theme was missing from the list of themes, but my desktop was
    actually using aero (with transparency, and with the cool windows + tab task

    I had some problems with theme and Nero 7, so I thought maybe it messed it
    up. Since the box was newly setup, I formatted C:\ drive and did a clean
    install of Windows vista ultimate again. To my surprise, as soon as I
    installed the correct video driver (and rebooted of course), my desktop
    theme automatically went to aero, but aero was still not listed at all. My
    theme manager says I was using "modified theme", but if I switched it to
    "windows vista", it still had transparency and all that, only the desktop
    background changed to the greenish vista picture.

    I wonder why this was the case. At first, I suspected some windows updates
    removed aero and forced vista theme to be aero, but it couldn've been the
    case because that happened right after I did a fresh install, before any
    updates were done. My box uses nVidia GeForce 8400 GS... could the nvidia
    video card driver be causing this? Has anyone else seen this problem?

    Worth mentioning here, is that my laptop (running vista ultimate, using
    nvidia geForce 8400M GS) is also seeing this problem, but with a twist - aero
    is not listed among the themes. To conserve power, I initially chose not to
    use aero, and currently it doesn't have transparency.

    Can someone help?
    Jim, Jan 20, 2008
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  2. Well, the first thing you can make sure you do is have the latest video card
    driver installed:

    You might need to refresh your Windows Experience Index (WEI) rating.
    1. Click Start
    2. In the search box, type Performance Information and Tools, hit enter
    3. Click the Update my score link
    4. Click Continue on the User Account Control dialog

    Ensure the following services are running:
    - Desktop Windows Manager
    - Themes

    (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services).
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Jan 20, 2008
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  3. Jim

    CB Guest


    To the best of my knowledge, once you start running a DreamScene
    desktop your theme settings are changed to "Modified". Are you using a
    DreamScene desktop?

    Have a nice day.

    CB, Jan 20, 2008
  4. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Hi CB, and Andre,

    No, I am not using dream scene, just a solid picture for background. And
    yes, both Desktop window manager session manager and theme services are
    running, and are configured as automatic.

    The windows experience index is up to date, and my nvidia driver is freshly
    downloaded from The box was cleanly rebuilt at the wee hours of
    this morning, but windows aero never appeared in the list.

    When vista booted for the first time, it didn't recognize the video card, so
    I could understand why aero wasn't listed. Then I installed the nvidia
    driver, and as soon as I did that, it automatically switched to aero, even
    aero was missing from the list. It seems like aero had hijacked windows
    vista theme, and I cannot use the non-transparent windows vista theme on the
    desktop. This box has a WEI of 3.4

    My laptop does the opposite, although I didn't re-install vista. Aero
    doesn't show up in the list. The current theme is windows vista theme, no
    transparency, no windows+tab switching. on my laptop, I cannot use the aero,
    although the WEI has a pretty decent 3.4 also.
    Jim, Jan 20, 2008
  5. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I feel like a dumb bass... as it turned out, Windows Aero is NOT A DESKTOP
    THEME, rather it is a COLOR THEME.

    There are only two desktop themes: Windows Vista and Windows Classic.

    To turn on/off Aero, I have to go to Personalize -> Window Color and
    Appearance -> [Open classic appearance properties for more color options] if
    it is current aero -> choose between Windows Aero and Windows Vista Basic
    from the list...

    thank you all.
    Jim, Jan 20, 2008
  6. Jim

    CB Guest


    Just a note: DreamScene will not function, and will be disabled, if you
    are running software that is not compatible with Vista. The same MAY hold
    true concerning Aero. I don't know.
    Have a nice day.

    CB, Jan 20, 2008
  7. Dreamscene depends on AERO which depends on the Desktop Window Manager.
    Usually DWM is disabled by incompatible Java based programs if you don't
    have a compatible version of JAVA installed.
    My Vista Quickstart Guide:!E8E5CC039D51E3DB!9709.entry

    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Jan 21, 2008
  8. Jim

    Joe cann Guest

    DWM is disabled from a lot of different programs, for example my TV card
    software and others..

    seems to me that the whole Aero concept - engine is flaky technology...

    it should have had one step down incriment to it, so it would function like
    windowblinds, which of course
    does not get disabled when running "non vista aero" compatible apps, yet it
    does support transparencies and per pixel rendering of windows.....

    what can I say? Vista is shyt

    Joe cann, Jan 21, 2008
  9. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Thank you all for replying. I don't care for windows dream scene. Actually
    I dont care for aero either, only that when I thought it was missing, I was a
    little concerned what else could be wrong.

    Vista has some new concepts, especially security-wise, that people had been
    long wanting to see. But of course, Aero is not nearly as good as they made
    it to be. When I first saw aero, I was like "that's it?" Linux and Mac has
    been doing this for ages...

    Jim, Jan 21, 2008
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