After 5 months ask for activation

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by The Viking, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. The Viking

    The Viking Guest

    So, I have Vista Ultimate. Yesterday everything was ok. Today it is not. I
    keep getting the message that my os is not genuine.
    IT IS!!!
    So-I changed the key(same old one) Vista goes on the net and tells me
    everything is fine, close the window and. I get this validation question.
    What is going on??
    The Viking, Jun 29, 2007
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  2. The Viking

    jake Guest

    Same problem here, except with Windows Vista Business:
    It might have something to do with the updates, because I
    downloaded/installed updates, and it told me that I had activate my windows.
    I type my key, and it tells me its already been used. And it has been used
    (by me, on this computer), so wtf. Now it keeps giving me genuine advantage
    jake, Jun 29, 2007
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  3. The Viking

    Kulmalla Guest

    Same here too but Vista Home Premium. It has to be something todo with Nvidia
    motherboard drivers i received from Windows Update!. I already tried to
    activate thru phone but no luck, now I need to get real service to get things
    working. Thanks a f*cking much Microsoft!
    Kulmalla, Jun 29, 2007
  4. The Viking

    LoneStar Guest

    Why didn't the phone validation request work? Did they simply refuse after
    you told them your situation? Good grief: now I've got something else to
    lose sleep over!

    LoneStar, Jun 30, 2007
  5. Select the option to activate by phone.

    As for why?
    I am not sure except possibly some hardware updates have been known to
    cause this for some.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jun 30, 2007
  6. The Viking

    Mac Guest

    What is the free phone number?

    Mac, Jun 30, 2007
  7. The phone number is toll free in many areas but not all.
    After you choose the option to activate by phone, a screen will come
    up for you to select your region.
    The correct number will be displayed at that time.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jun 30, 2007
  8. The Viking

    Mac Guest

    Point is folks should not have to pay to have such problems fixed...
    Mac, Jun 30, 2007
  9. On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 08:50:04 -0700, The Viking
    Let's clarify whether you are posting about WGA (Windows Genuine
    Advantage) or Product Activation - because they are largely unrelated
    systems that share only a common anti-piracy objective.

    Your subject line suggests Product Activation is the problem. If so,
    what you would have experienced, is your PC refusing to operate
    normally, after 3 days of warnings that you need to activate.

    On the other hand, WGA would present with a pop-up telling you your OS
    installation is not "genuine", i.e. is now (as of a recent WGA
    "update") considered to be using a stolen key.

    Which was it?
    I don't know, yet.

    Firstly, let's get as much detail on those various alerts, etc. not
    only to tell whether this is WGA or Product Activation, but also to be
    sure it's not some (other <g>) malware protection racket.

    Did you:
    - change any hardware?
    - remove any hardware for troubleshooting purposes?
    - convert any file systems or reformat any patritions?
    - update BIOS or other device firmware or ROMs?
    - change any device drivers?
    - change any core CMOS settings?
    - boot your HD in a different PC?
    - change any overclocking settings?

    If so, Vista's apparently hair-trigger Product Activation component
    monitoring system may have pulled the pin on the DoS payload.

    If not, it's less likely to be Product Activation, unless something
    (file system mishap, malware attack) ate your WPA information.

    If none of the above applies, but you are online and swallowing WGA
    updates, then it's possible one of these has taken exception to your
    product key. If that's the case, then take a look at your OS
    installation disk, CoA sticker, etc. to see if there are any signs of
    these being counterfeited; it may be an un-false positive.

    In any event, you can call MS and ask about all this stuff. If you
    explain it's a WPA or WGA issue, they should assist you for free.

    The rights you save may be your own
    cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user), Jun 30, 2007
  10. The Viking

    LoneStar Guest

    Hey Viking.......... you got some pretty good responses from people trying
    to help. Do you think it would be cool if you'd actually REPLY. Hello!!

    LoneStar, Jul 2, 2007
  11. The Viking

    **ssed off! Guest

    I have the same problem, except I'm using vista home premium. After 3 months,
    yesterday I get told my copy of vista is not genuine and need to validate it
    by typing in my authentication code. When I do this it then says that it is
    already in use and I'm back to square one. I don't see why customers should
    pay for calls to fix bugs in their system, but what else can we do? It's
    shocking really.
    **ssed off!, Jul 18, 2007
  12. You do not pay for the call, it is a toll free number.

    There are many reasons why you can be prompted to activate, most are by
    design and legitimate, some are not because there does seem to be bugs in
    the activation component. Instead of getting **ssed off, you need to try and
    discover exactly why your system is asking for activation.

    The overwhelming majority of systems where I have seen this 'problem' end up
    having a legitimate activation issue.
    Ronnie Vernon MVP, Jul 18, 2007
  13. On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:04:35 -0700, "Ronnie Vernon MVP"
    YMMV based on geography; it's true where I live, but I don't know if
    it is true everywhere. Also, centers may not be 24/7 everywhere.
    The latter is very significant, as it destroys the basis of trust. We
    tolerate embedded user-hostile code on the basis that it will never go
    off accidentally, and bugs mean it *can* go off accidentally.
    I'd re-phrase that as "As well as getting **ssed off". I don't see
    anger as inappropriate if I'm denied the use of my system with no
    reason. It's the same reason I'd be angry with malware.
    Will you get straight answers?

    Posters have been telling folks to just "phone and beg", but do these
    folks ever get told WHY they had to activate out of the blue? Or are
    posters so cowed by the process that they slink away without demanding
    such answers, grateful to be permitted to use their PC again?
    Can you give us some details there, please?

    I really want to know, because I'm seeing lots of these cases and
    rarely, if ever, do I see follow-up that explains what happened and
    why. Such follow-up isn't encouraged by common advice, either.

    So if you have personal experience with a number of such cases, or can
    point a URL to an aggregation of such experience, please reply!

    When Occam's Razor meets the Halting Problem,
    the Halting Problem wins
    cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user), Jul 21, 2007
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