After Windows Update, PC hangs when locking screen & on Welcome Sc

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by alwyn, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. alwyn

    alwyn Guest

    Windows Update installed a number of updates on my PC automatically on 11
    July 2007 (UK).
    - KB936513 for Excel 2002
    - KB890830 Malicious Software Removal Tool
    - KB936357 Windows XP Update
    - KB928366 .Net framework version 1.1 SP1

    After restart, everything looked a bit different. Only after reboot several
    times did screen start to look the same as before.

    Afterwards, my PC started to hang when the following happens.

    - Windows Logo Key + L to lock screen hangs with hour glass, when should
    have locked PC and displayed logon screen.

    - If logon screen is displayed, either after timeout or reboot, cannot logon
    because arrow cursor does not turn into hand when placed over user logon icon.

    - If working too fast between applications, clicking and double clicking can
    suddenly freeze PC, or it would take minutes to switch between each simple
    task, giving the impression of hanging if you're impatient.

    I tried to restore to the point just before the Windows Update, but the
    restore couldn't restore anything!

    I then managed to remove (eventually) all the KB patches except KB890830.
    The first time I tried to remove KB936513, my PC hanged.

    I have also defraged by C: drive, scanned disk for errors and so on. Nothing.

    When it hangs, I have to manually reboot PC, and so can loose my work if not
    saved regularly.

    My PC is a Dell Dimension P4 3GHz with 2GB memory running Windows XP Home
    2002 SP2, and Office XP Pro with Excel 2002 SP3...etc.

    No problems whatsoever before Windows Update. Now, it has wasted a whole day
    of my precious time trying to fix this, and I have to tiptoe around what I do.

    I have since disabled automatic Windows Update, and turned off the Screen
    Saver's "On resume, display Welcome screen" option.

    Please help quick!
    alwyn, Jul 13, 2007
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  2. alwyn

    alwyn Guest

    What I meant to say was, if after reboot, you don't logon soon
    enough, then minutes later, you cannot logon because the cursor on the user
    icon does not respond with the password entry field.
    alwyn, Jul 13, 2007
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  3. alwyn

    Niall Guest

    I'm getting very similar problems with one of my laptops ( and IBM z61 ). the
    PC will hang when switching programs, opening folders and trying to access
    the start bar.

    I restarted my laptop earlier today and saw that there was an update due (
    probably the 11th July one ) and I let it run. when windows restarted these
    problems showed up. once the machine hangs it takes about a minute to clear,
    it will then operate normaly for a few moment and hang again when there is a
    program switch or a folder is accessed via Explorer.

    as with Alwyn's case, i've got several system restore points avaliable,
    however none of these is working when selected ( the Laptop will start the
    process, restart and then tell me that restore has failed ). as the Laptop is
    only 2 weeks old, I have very few restore points to return to.

    I am at a lost to a resolution to this problem at this time.
    Niall, Jul 13, 2007
  4. alwyn

    Melissa C Guest

    you guys are lucky. after the last two updates on my Dell XPS, I couldn't
    load Windows at all.
    I have lost EVERYTHING. My computers over there formatting now and going
    back to XP
    Melissa C, Jul 13, 2007
  5. alwyn

    Niall Guest

    Look on the bright side, at least you're reinstalling XP and not having to
    stick Vista on them instead... the hell i'm having with that thing on a
    pre-installed new sony laptop, that's just not capable of running the OS in
    the first place, and no XP drivers avaliable...

    I'll most likly be reformatting the IBM laptop over the weekend too, I'll
    spare you a thought. I can't lose another days work over a damn Microsoft
    update bug...

    I sware computers take back all the time they supposedly save you.
    Niall, Jul 13, 2007
  6. alwyn

    alwyn Guest

    Turns out to be nothing to do with Windows Update, for I have uninstalled all
    the past updates and deleted mrt.exe (Malicious Software Removal Tool). Then,
    I read somewhere it could be to do with the virus scanner. So, I uninstalled
    my latest version of ZoneAlarm Security Suite, and suddenly everything worked
    fine. ZA has recently released a new version 7.0.362 and it had caused the
    problems, including Outlook send email problems. In fact, when I asked ZA,
    they told me to disable On Access Scanning, which also solved the problem,
    but it's like turning off virus scanner. So what's the point? Anyway, if you
    have similarly problems, check your virus software first.

    alwyn, Jul 23, 2007
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