"All computers" group is missing some computers

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by John Gray, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. John Gray

    John Gray Guest

    The WSUS console says:
    Computer group:All Computers
    Computers in this group: 11 Computers managed by this server: 16

    The remaining five computers (the server and 4 PCs) are not in any group.
    The 11 PCs which appear are fine, updated, have correct status, etc.

    The WSUS group policy target group name was changed half way through
    'discovery' process to put computers into "Unassigned Computers" group. This
    is where the 11 computers were found, but the 'faster' 4 and the server are
    entirely missing.

    Please could you advise what to do to retrieve the missing computers!


    John Gray, Mar 2, 2006
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  2. John Gray

    Dave Mills Guest

    You have not assigned these computers to "All Computers" by any chance. If you
    do they will not show up. They must be in a named group then "All Computers" is
    the sum of the named groups.
    Dave Mills, Mar 3, 2006
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  3. John Gray

    John Gray Guest

    Yes, I think you're right, because the original 'target group name' was "All
    Computers", and was changed part way through the discovery process! Is there
    a way I can retrieve the five missig machines into the "Unassigned Computers"
    group, so I can move them into the groups I have created?

    John Gray, Mar 3, 2006
  4. John, if the clients are now assigned to the desired target group via
    policy, make sure the policy has updated on the client with the correct
    target group name. (You can either inspec the "TargetGroup" registry value
    in the HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate key, or you
    can search inthe %windir%\WindowsUpdate.log for the latest entry with the
    string " Target group:".

    Then run 'wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow' and that will force the
    client to reset the targeting cookie, obtain the updated group information,
    and they should then appear in the desired target group about 30 minutes
    later, assuming the client successfully calls the ReportingWebService.
    Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\), Mar 3, 2006
  5. John Gray

    John Gray Guest


    Sadly, the situation remains unchanged!

    I have run 'wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow' this morning (Mon 6
    March) on each of the "missing" computers, and none has appeared in the WSUS
    Console over the last hour. It still shows All Computers=16, "Our PCs"=11
    (the group I moved these computers to after they were found in 'Unassigned
    Computers'). So the recalcitrant five are still missing.

    I have checked in the registries, and in all instances the TargetGroup value
    is 'Unassigned Computers'. Also TargetGroupEnabled=1.

    I have checked in all the WindowsUpdate.log files, and, apart from a brief
    period during the morning of Thursday 2nd March, when the Target Group was
    set to 'All Computers', every message from then on which included the words
    'Target Group' showed 'Unassigned Computers'.

    All four PCs have been powered off/on at least once since the morning of
    Thursday (but not the server).

    I have checked one of the PCs which DOES appear on the WSUS console, and
    both the registry and the WindowsUpdate.log seem identical/similar.

    What action could I now take, please? Thanks!

    John Gray, Mar 6, 2006
  6. John Gray

    John Gray Guest

    This lunchtime, following my changing the WSUS console Options -> Computer
    options radio button to select "Use Group Policy or registry settings on
    computers", all eleven visible PCs moved from the 'Our PCs' group to the
    Unassigned Computers group, followed some time later by the four 'hiding'
    PCs. Running 'wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow' yet again on the WSUS
    server caused it to appear also, after a short period of time, in the
    Unassigned Computers group. So all computers are now visible. Yey!

    I suppose there now is no objection to returning the Computer options radio
    button to "Use the Move computers task in Windows Server Update Services",
    and moving the fifteen PCs to the "Our PCs" group and the server to the "Our
    server" group,-- but should I then change the registries of all computers to
    show the corresponding TargetGroup value, or just leave it with the value
    "Unassigned Computers"?

    Thanks again


    PS It would have saved a lot of grief if the Install process had suggested
    which was the best Computer group to choose as the Target Group! [hint!]
    John Gray, Mar 6, 2006
  7. John Gray

    Dave Mills Guest

    It never would have occurred to me to actually try to assign computers to the
    "unassigned" group. By definition this groups is where a computer ends up if you
    do not try to assign it a group. There is a potential conflict as the computer
    "is assigned to a group" but is also in a group with the attribute "no group has
    been specified". So the logic may go "List all computers that are not in any
    group". Since yours are in a group they are not listed. Since there cannot be
    two lists of the group "unassigned Computer" you do not see these computers.

    This is a well know symptom when computer are added to the All Computers group I
    would not be surprised to see the same for Unassigned Computers

    This On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 06:05:28 -0800, John Gray
    Dave Mills, Mar 7, 2006
  8. John Gray

    John Gray Guest

    I _think_ I follow your reasoning!

    Mine went:
    a) when the computer first joins the WSUS community, it should be placed in
    the "Unassigned Computers" group, since you can only specify a single Target
    b) you then decide which of the WSUS-administrator-created groups you wish
    it to join, and Move it from "Unassigned Computers" to this group.

    Is this incorrect? If so, what is preferable?

    Additionally, should I then change the TargetGroup registry value for each
    computer to reflect the new computer group? Does it matter?


    John Gray
    John Gray, Mar 7, 2006
  9. Hi,

    If you have set the Computer options radio button to "Use the Move
    computers task in Windows Server Update Services", you should in your
    Group Policy for your clients set "Enable client-side targeting to
    /Disabled/ (so you get the registry value TargetGroupEnabled=0 on the
    clients). This will make the TargetGroup registry value void.
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Mar 7, 2006
  10. John Gray

    John Gray Guest

    I have changed "Enable client-side targeting" to Disabled, and after a long
    wait the registry value TargetGroupEnabled has been set to 0 and the value
    TargetGroup has been removed.

    The latest entries in the WindowsUpdate.log finally indicate that the Target
    Group is null.

    Thanks very much!

    John Gray
    John Gray, Mar 8, 2006
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