All I know is, I don't know anything

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Spirnat of natt, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. It'ss evident that Microsoft wants people to use Vista as fast as possible
    and not worry about Ubuntu.

    I have a terrible reputation, and I fear that people might say
    that I am just a fucking retard.

    I am not sure that wont happen.... I am sure the MS team has orders to "get
    rid of
    me or else.

    The truth is, that Vista almost destroyed my machine......
    I can't use a computer like normal people can.

    I sure don't! lol. I never said anything bad about a microsoft product prior
    to vista. In fact you could say I was an MS fan. Actually, I have a bedroom
    with the Flintstones on them, and I hurl shit at the fan when I can't my
    to work. That is all the time.

    But good is good and shit is shit, and unlike the posters in here, I can
    tell the difference, vista is way over my head (although I am currently
    shit, I know how shit it spread)!

    And the retards go around believing that I am their King (because it
    seems that they are falling for it) but in reality, Ringmaster is King of
    and I am his follower. I follow like an idiot with his head shoved up his

    Even if Ringmaster has brains, but he doesnit, everyone tells me that I am
    of horse shit. People keep using Vista and I am full of shit.

    I was right from the start... the SHEEP was fantastic, the best night I
    had drowned my sorrows, the Sheep tried to get away, the cyberspace is
    full of bad stuff about me and youtube is full of people kicking my hairy
    arse, people have refused to believe anything I have said because I have

    So vista people, stop the crap that I think is the best thing out there. For
    public and companies there was XP and now there will be Windows7. I can only
    dream of using a computer but untill I get intensive training I will always
    be a fuctard.

    However you will see this: and YES this is another prediction!!! I will
    keep having
    sex with Sheep and I will continue to post about it. Vista and XP are great
    but I have
    so much trouble that I need to concentrate on other things. Cleaning
    restrooms is what
    I do best.

    And just ask yourselves.. if there is a restroom that is dirty in your area,
    send me
    a note and I will try and make it over to clean it.

    LOGIC is a function of the brain, and since I have no brain, I can hardly

    VISTA IS GREAT BUT I AM A PROVEN FAILURE, and my only function now is to
    cleaning restrooms and trying to keep up with my baby sister.
    Spirnat of natt, Oct 30, 2008
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  2. Spirnat of natt

    Alias :-\) Guest

    Wow - Amazing. I have a terrible reputation also. Maybe we should start an
    idiot club.

    Hey - Neither can I.

    I am full of shit also.

    More and more people are using Vista and dumping Ubuntu. Ubuntu doesn't
    work for most people.

    You are right. I am wrong as usual.

    I wonder where I can get some LOGIC.

    Vista is great. Ubuntu sucks.

    Alias :-\), Oct 30, 2008
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