All Mail going to both accounts

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Lord of Lig, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Lord of Lig

    Lord of Lig Guest

    Using WLM with a BT and a Hotmail account, why do all messages to the BT
    account also go to the Hotmail account.
    (The Hotmail messages do not go to the BT account)
    Lord of Lig, Feb 18, 2010
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  2. Lord of Lig

    naia Guest

    If you can see the messages on Hotmail web, then it could be: aut
    forwarding set on BT account, POP Mail Retrieval enabled on Hotmai
    (web, works only for paid account), or Message Rules on WLM (e.g. cop
    incoming messages from BT to Hotmail - folder).

    If the same messages only appear on WLM, then there's a problem on you
    WLM (possibly corruption). Try reconfiguring the HM acct first. If issu
    continues, reinstall WLM ('How to remove Windows Live Mail from Window
    Control panel (normal removal) - Windows Live
    or you might as well do a clean removal where you delete WLM director
    (kindly search the forum for instructions) and make sure to back up you
    locally stored messages
    naia, Feb 18, 2010
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  3. Lord of Lig

    ...winston Guest

    Sorry, see below...

    Pop3 mail retrieval(the correct term is called Aggregation in Hotmail language) has been available in the Web UI of Hotmail for
    quite some time for all accounts(free and paid) in quite a few countries.

    Get all your e-mail in one place!!2F7EB29B42641D59!41200.entry
    "This feature was launched earlier this year in the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Germany, and was greeted with
    some very positive feedback. Today, customers in the US, Canada, and Brazil will see the feature for the first time. More countries
    will come later this year."

    Separately, Pop3 retrieval for a Hotmail account in WLM(setup correctly to use the settings, server,
    and authentication) was made available for all free and fee based Hotmail type accounts(hotmail/live/ about 5 months
    earlier Feb 2009.
    ...winston, Feb 20, 2010
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