Allowing only certion computers to print to a printer

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Bob Royce, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Bob Royce

    Bob Royce Guest

    I am pulling my hair out here. I am trying to limit printing to a printer
    from certion computers. I have gone into the printer security settings and
    setup 4 computers with print rights. I then remove the Everyone group from
    the list and now no one can print to the printer. What I am trying to do here
    is just let any user who logs on to 1 of the 4 computers in a small lab to be
    able to print to the network printer in the same room, and not allow anyone
    else print. I have 3800 users, so creating an ACL for the printer is not an
    Bob Royce, Mar 10, 2005
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  2. Computers don't print, users do.
    If you have 3800 users, then you probably have Active Directory (i.e.
    domain) installed.

    Step 1
    Create a group G_Lab_Printer_Users. This group should be global. Place Lap
    Printer users to this group.

    Step 2
    Create a group DL_Lab_Printer_Users_Print. This group should be Domain
    Local. Place G_Lab_Printer_Users into DL_Lab_Printer_Users_Print group.

    Step 3
    Assign print permissions to DL_Lab_Printer_Users_Print group.

    Dusko Savatovic
    Dusko Savatovic, Mar 10, 2005
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  3. Bob Royce

    Bob Royce Guest

    Yes, I am running AD. I am a little confused here. In step 1, am I suppoesed
    to add all the users from the Domain into that group ? The issue here is that
    we are a college in Upstate NY and different students will be using the
    computers in this lab so when they login to one of the computers in that lab,
    I want them to be able to print to that printer in the lab. If they login to
    a computer outside that lab, I don't want them or anyone else have access to
    the printer in that lab. I have several labs on campus that I want to
    restrict the printers in that lab to the computers in that lab. Thanks for
    your reply.

    Bob Royce
    Bob Royce, Mar 10, 2005
  4. That's interesting problem.

    Although I don't have so many computers, I work for a training provider and
    we have several classrooms. What we have done is this:

    1. Each classroom has a dedicated server.
    2. Each classroom server has two NICs; one for classroom net, the other for
    corporate net.
    3. NAT is installed on classroom server. This enables access from classroom
    net to selected servers in the corp and to the Internet.
    4. Access from the corp net is allowed only to the classroom server, but not
    to other computers in the classroom.

    So, if you place your printer server in the classroom (lab), only local
    (classroom) users will be able to print on it.
    If you 'd like to complicate matters a little further, you may install VPN
    service on classroom server. This would enable selected group of users to
    VPN into the classroom network and use resources on classroom network.

    Dusko Savatovic
    Dusko Savatovic, Mar 11, 2005
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