Allowing Outside users to access inside domain folders

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by iQtony, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. iQtony

    iQtony Guest

    Here is the scenario...

    We would like outside user (who logs on to pc as an administrator of that pc
    not into the domain) to have access to a shared folder within the domain. We
    preferrebly would like it as a mapped network drive.

    The situation would be as follows: John Doe Company would need to access a
    shared folder on one of the servers. We would like it so that they would have
    to log in when accessing that folder (as USer1) with password. Once logged in
    we would like it so that john doe company would only be able to see their
    folder (user1folder) only.

    We plan on allowing multiple users access to this shared folder and would
    like it so that they see only their folder when logged in, all others are not
    visible. Is this all possible, if so how do we go about doing so?

    Please feel free to email me at with any response. All help
    and insight is appreciated. Thank you.

    iQtony, Nov 9, 2004
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  2. To map a network drive X: to your shared folder, all you need is to

    net use X: \\server\share\user1folder /user:USer1 password

    and you have to set the permission on the folder for that user.

    Of course, the link into your company is another issue.

    Denis Wong @ Hong Kong, Nov 10, 2004
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