ALT-F2 not being passed to program under w98 client

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by Allen Bolderoff, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. I have a dos based program that we currently run under win
    98 and are investigating virtual pc so as to upgrade the
    pc's to XP and run 98 in vpc.

    We need to have network access available to the dos
    program so it can access data on S: drive

    We have the program running just fine under win 98 client
    on VPC, however it does not pass the combo of ALT-F2 to
    the dos based program.

    I have changed the host key in the hope that it may work,
    however we have not had any luck - any ideas?
    Allen Bolderoff, Jun 7, 2004
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  2. I use a DOS program in a Windows 98 Virtual Machine. I can use
    Left-Alt+F2 and it works, but Right-Alt+F2 doesn't.
    David Sanders, Jun 7, 2004
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  3. Allen Bolderoff

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the reply there david, however we cannot get
    left or right alt-f2 working. any other ideas?
    Guest, Jun 7, 2004
  4. Allen Bolderoff

    Scott Baker Guest

    Did you try changing the Host key to something like F12
    (just so it isn't using either Alt key)?

    Scott Baker, Jun 8, 2004
  5. Yes - as noted in the 1st post.
    Allen Bolderoff, Jun 8, 2004
  6. Allen Bolderoff

    Scott Baker Guest

    Thanks. The first post just said you changed it, but
    didn't specify to what.

    Scott Baker, Jun 8, 2004
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