AMD told me (regarding x2 4200+ probs) that windows has a dual core patch -- where?

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Arthur Rosene, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. AMD told me (regarding x2 4200+ probs) that windows has a dual core patch
    -- where?

    they said i had to call microsoft to get it but i could not find the
    number anywhere.

    problems i have been having is programs with hyperthreading encoded into
    it crash (but worked ok under 32 bit). registry hive will get corrupted
    right after a fresh install. other than that its normal. running x64.
    ruled out motherboard/bios/memory issues.

    anyone know where i can download this patch ?

    also, if i can't download it on the net, can someone please email it to
    me ? i've got the dual core blues ! it was my christmas present ! lost
    much data..


    x64 is detecting 2 cpus. ACPI dual core x64 is being seen.

    i am getting 47C temps on cpu's at idle. installed correctly.

    please help. if you have this patch you can only get from microsoft, be
    a pal, email it to me.

    thanks !
    Arthur Rosene, Dec 23, 2005
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  2. First, no one can email it to you, even if it exists. The way hot-fixes are
    distributed effectively prohibits that. Second, if AMD gave you this
    information, you need the KB number for it, and then someone might be able
    to help. Doing a search of the MS knowledge base didn't turn up anything
    that sounded like what you're describing, though you didn't exactly give us
    much to go on. However, if AMD gave you a number, call MS support. If it's
    a bug, the call is free.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 23, 2005
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  3. Arthur Rosene

    Dennis Pack Guest

    I haven't seen a patch. I'm running 4400x2 on 2 systems. Your idle
    temperature sounds high, my ystem at idle is 34c to 36c and 42c to46c when
    doing video encoding with both processors at 80% to 90%.
    Dennis Pack, Dec 23, 2005
  4. Arthur Rosene

    Rick Guest

    Did you try searching on Microsoft's Web site?

    The only patches I am aware of have to do with updated BIOS from the
    motherboard manufacturers.

    Your comment about hyperthreading doesn't quite compute. AMD doesn't
    use hyperthreading, Intel uses hyperthreading; AMD uses hypertransport.
    The two are not related, either.

    Hyperthreading is the emulation of a dual core CPU on a single CPU.

    Hypertransport is the memory interface AMD has built into the Athlon 64.

    When I installed Win XP Pro w/SP2, I had to install the AMD CPU driver
    to get it to recognize my dual core Athlon 64. When I installed Win x64
    Rick, Dec 23, 2005
  5. You're right, that temperature is definitely high.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 23, 2005
  6. Your temps are abnormally high. Mine runs between 28C and 32C depending on
    room temp and adjustments to fan speeds. You may not be using an adequate
    cooling system or box. You should install fans in all available positions
    in a thermally advantaged box.
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 23, 2005
  7. Arthur Rosene

    John Barnes Guest

    And possibly the CPU isn't firmly seated or too thick a thermal paste layer.

    John Barnes, Dec 23, 2005
  8. A possibility. However I had temps in the poster's range when I was using
    an old box with a single exhaust fan. The box and fans made a difference of
    15C for a P4 3.E for me. If he already has a thermally advantaged box and
    plenty of airflow, then the thermal adhesive would be the next candidate for
    inspection. Just getting rid of ribbon cables can make a difference as can
    properly tieing the wiring into bundles.

    Colin Barnhorst [MVP Windows - Virtual Machine]
    (Reply to the group only unless otherwise requested)
    Colin Barnhorst, Dec 23, 2005
  9. David Scheidt, Dec 23, 2005
  10. Arthur Rosene

    John Barnes Guest

    My current box came with 6 case fans and I haven't used ribbon cables.
    Forgot how much difference that can make. :)

    John Barnes, Dec 23, 2005
  11. When I changed from a cheap box to the new Antec P180, I dropped from an
    idle temperature of 43C (with spikes several degrees above that) to a solid
    30-31 C under all conditions. Motherboard dropped by the same amount. And
    you can't any longer burn yourself by accidentally touching the hard drives.
    Plus it's quieter!


    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 23, 2005
  12. Arthur Rosene

    Chuck Guest

    Charlie, See links below:

    Chuck, Dec 24, 2005
  13. Actually, this is not true.

    First off, I have downloaded every hotfix for xp32 and xp64 plus SP1 and 2
    for Xp32 and SP1 for XP64

    First off, run Windows Update, select CUSTOM, and click on "Restore hidden
    update" or "Review your update history"

    Make note of the KBxxxxxx number. Let's take

    Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider Package: x64
    (KB909520) for example

    use this URL: xxxxxx being the
    number in the KB

    This takes you to a page where you can select "How to obtain and install the

    This takes you to the page where you select x86 x64 or ia64, select the
    right package, Hit download on the next page and away you go.

    Seems a bit cumbersome but it is the way network types get all the Service
    Packs, Hotfixes, and updates to do OFFLINE updates and Intranet installs.

    This isn't much of problem for x64 right now, but there must be forty-five
    or 50 hotfixes for xp32 so I keep them on a CD for installing OFFLINE. Less
    worry about viruses that way too !

    Once you have found your way to the download page you can download whatever
    you want. You'll quickly get the hang of it.

    Personally I use this site: to make a CD that
    will install a FULL windows install including all service packs, relevent
    hotfixes, all necessary motherboard/cpu/video/printer drivers, install my
    license key etc. I can run this cd, and go for breakfast. When I come back
    it is ready to go.

    Every two or three hot fixes I just get the latest hotfixes, put them into
    my hotfix directory and then build a new CD using nLite which is described
    on the above link. Hope this helps !

    Norm Brooks not a MVP just a long long time beta tester !
    Norman E Brooks, Dec 24, 2005
  14. Sorry, Norman. But many, many hot fixes are not publicly downloadable. They
    require a call to PSS, and then they are made available to the user. They
    are password protected and time limited, and that's why I said that they
    generally can't be emailed.

    Please, assume I know something. Yes, I'm an MVP. But I'm also a long time
    beta tester and a few other things.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 24, 2005
  15. His problem doesn't sound like 896256. I may be wrong, but it doesn't sound
    like it to me.

    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 24, 2005
  16. Charlie's right, there's no MS patch I can see !

    What kind of motherboard are you running ? I use an A8N-E from Asus, and
    it will not see a dual CPU until BIOS version 1004.

    Go to your mobo support site and see if there is a BIOS update.
    From the sounds of it (please don't be insulted) .. get some help updating
    your BIOS !

    Good luck ....
    Norman E Brooks, Dec 24, 2005
  17. Every hotfix that is available on the update site, identified by MS update
    as being necessary, or relevent to your system, is downloadable. Special
    hotfixes that are offered to fix obscure problems may or may not.

    I stand by my statement; I have dozens and dozens of hotfixes installed in
    xp32. Every SINGLE ONE OF THEM is downloadable, plus all the other stuff
    like DirectX, MediaPlayer 10 etc
    Norman E Brooks, Dec 24, 2005
  18. Is this not a fix to a xp32 sp2 problem ?
    Norman E Brooks, Dec 24, 2005
  19. And the hot fix _I_ needed was NOT available except by calling PSS. I have
    dozens of other hot fixes, but at least one that was not available. And
    since my search of the KBs did not bring up anything I think applies (and
    yes, I saw 896256), therefore IF there is a hotfix and it isn't publicly
    visible, it also won't be publicly downloadable.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Dec 24, 2005
  20. I think we're arguing at cross purposes here. What I was getting at was that
    most people don't know they can download the hotfixes, service packs etc and
    store them OFFLINE for installation on a new install.

    Every hotfix that is identified as HAVING been installed on your system is
    available for download so if a user wants to do an install, they can do so,
    then install the service pack, update the directx, install all the hotfixes
    etc before ever connecting to the internet. I remember reading somewhere
    that if you're connected to the internet, you probably won't make it through
    an install before your system gets a virus !
    Norman Brooks, Dec 24, 2005
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