an album with 0 bytes information appeared and cannot be deleted

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Alex, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I have WMP11 on Vista Premium. As I list my albums per alphabetical order,
    somehow a new album was added after the Z letter, (under "other"). with no
    content, 0 bytes and worse, it cannot be deleted. How do I delete it?
    Alex, Mar 5, 2010
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  2. Alex

    Tim De Baets Guest

    What exactly happens when you try to delete it? Does the album have a
    name, and are there any tracks with their album title set to that name?

    Resetting the media library should get rid of this ghost album. To do
    this, follow the instructions for WMP 11 on Vista at
    Note that resetting the media library will make you lose all play
    counts, and possibly ratings too.

    Tim De Baets, Mar 6, 2010
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  3. Alex

    Alex Guest

    Hi Tim, Thanks for your answer. If I try to delete it, the album turns to
    light blue, but nothing happens (no usual warning). Every information next to
    the CD image states "unknown" (unknown Album, artist, gender, year etc). Just
    one track, no name, o size...and if you try to find the location of the file
    under "properties" you don't get that either. I''try to reset the library as
    you suggest... Thanks again....
    Alex, Mar 6, 2010
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