"An Error occurred trying to open the cluster at OADB"------Urgne

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Robert Li, May 6, 2010.

  1. Robert Li

    Robert Li Guest

    Dear Experts:

    I have a strange Windows 2003 Cluster problem and I am running out of ideas.
    I have the detailed problem descriptions here, any suggestions on this topic
    are highly appreciated.


    OAPDC (Windows 2003, Domain Controller)
    OADB1 (Windows 2003, SQL 2005, node 1 of the SQL Cluster)
    OADB2 (Windows 2003, SQL 2005, node 2 of the SQL Cluster)

    The name of the SQL cluster is OADB.Domain.com

    Problem Description:

    When I try to connect to OADB or OADB.Domain.com with Cluster Administrator,
    the error message is:

    An Error occurred trying to open the cluster at OADB
    The RPC Server is unavailable
    Error ID: 1722 (000006ba)

    The cluster seems to be working fine. I can connect to the OADB by
    specifying a "." character in the Connect to field of Cluster Administrator.
    All the resources are online. A reboot can resolved the problem temporally
    but this happens again after about one month.

    Troubleshooting steps I have tried:

    1. Confirmed the SQL Cluster is working.
    2. Checked System logs and Application logs, cluster.log, there is no
    related error message.
    3. In the Services console, confirmed the Cluster Service, PRC Service and
    Remote Registry service are started on both nodes.
    4. Confirmed the OADB.Domain.com can be resolved by DNS server and I can
    ping it successfully.
    5. Collected dcdiag and netdiag logs on both nodes, there is no error.
    6. Checked the following KBs

    RPC Unavailable Error appears when you try to access a cluster Server

    Error 1722 when starting Cluster Administrator

    I am looking forward to hearing from your response. Any suggestion on this
    issue is highly appreciated.

    Best Regards

    Robert Li
    Robert Li, May 6, 2010
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