Another good reason to hate the Microsoft Vista Development Team

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Adam Albright, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Damn you Microsoft!

    Even since installing Vista you have made my life and no doubt the
    lives of countless others a absolute hell.

    I would send this directly to the baboons in Redmond they pretend to
    be programmers, but of course Microsoft doesn't provide a means to
    contact them. For good reason obviously. So this will have to do.

    For the second time, out of the blue, for no reason the moronic pile
    of streaming dog shit you laughingly call an improved and best ever
    version of Windows has seen fit to not only lose my very stable
    broadband Internet connection it is dumb enough to think I'm using a
    dial-up connect and depending on where I click it both tells me I'm
    not connected or I am connected. Typical Microsoft software. Clueless.

    I suppose a reboot will cure this stupid problem but you see I use my
    computer for work. Right now I'm in the middle of redering a video
    file. That takes time. I already have over a hour invested in this job
    so if I reboot now I'll lose a hour's work. So I'm just sitting here
    twidding my thumbs wating and I got almost another 20 minutes to wait.

    I'll use that time to think about how I was ripped off by your latest
    offering that has got to be the most buggy untested pile of crap to
    even get out the door.

    I can't pass the time surfing the Internet because Vista killed the
    connection. The steaming pile of dog shit it is, it now is stuck in a
    endless loop bringing up a stupid dial-up box asking me to connect to
    MSN network and provide my log-in and password if I try to connect to
    the Internet.

    Well damn it, I don't have a dail-up connection, I don't have a MSN
    account, what Vista wants me to connect to, I never did and never
    would want one. Why is Vista doing this insanity?

    Well lets see if I can figure this out...

    I go to Control Panel, click on Network settings. Nothing obviously
    wrong. Ok, I next click on the laughable network diagnostics tool. Its
    been runing for several minutes now. Nothing. Oh wait it stopped.

    Oh goodie, a new box pops up. It says Windows did not find any
    problems with your Internet connection. Asks if I want to send a
    report to Microsoft. Priceless!

    Your crap turned off my broadband access and you come back and say
    nothing is wrong. Typical Microsoft. The left hand never knows what
    the right hand is doing. If I click on any shortcut to any web page it
    brings up the dial-up log on box. Yet if I click on the network icon
    on the Task bar it still says I'm connected to the Internet.

    Tell me one thing Microsoft, where to I send my invoice for all my
    time you wasted running the piece of crap you call Vista? I figure
    that easily you owe me about $1,200.00 so far. I expected payment
    within 10 days.
    Adam Albright, Feb 15, 2007
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  2. Adam Albright

    Seven Guest

    I fully agree Adam! People even "remotely" considering Vista should
    RUN, not walk... to get a Mac and their life will vastly improve.

    Windows just won't make it in its current form past 2010. If you are a
    power user, OSX is for you, even if you aren't... OSX is the way to go.

    So get a real OS, one that is much more tested, easier to use, and has a
    stronger software selection here:
    Seven, Feb 16, 2007
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  3. I'm a Windows user because I have WINDOWS based software. Get it yet?

    If some enterprising company came up with a operating system that
    would support all my Windows hardware and software I would dump
    Microsoft crap in a heart beat. So would a hundred million other
    people. Some day. Maybe. Apple isn't the solution.
    Adam Albright, Feb 16, 2007
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