ANOUNCE: PS Virtual User Group #7 starts in 15 min!

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Hal Rottenberg [MVP], Nov 13, 2008.


    To join:^-\zqX

    Video will be delivered via the Microsoft Live Meeting client

    For attendees, audio will be delivered via the Internet using your computer's
    speakers. There will not be a call-in number for this meeting (as was the case
    in the past).

    Unable to join the meeting? Follow these steps:
    1.Copy this address and paste into your web browser:
    2.Copy and paste the required information:
    Meeting ID: 4RS44G
    Entry Code: 8^-\zqX

    12:00PM-12:10PM: Introduction
    12:10PM-12:35PM: Nathan Winters (MVP)
    12:40PM-1:00PM: Joel Bennett
    1:05PM-1:30PM: Idera
    1:30PM-1:35PM: Closing

    Speaker topics:
    *Nathan Winters (MVP): "Exchange 2007 from PowerShell". Nathan will show how
    PowerShell can be used with Exchange 2007.
    *Joel (Jaykul) Bennett: "PoSh Tools for the Huddled Masses". Joel, a prominent
    PowerShell developer, is always full of surprises. This should be a "must
    attend" for everyone.
    *Idera (vendor): Idera will demo their PowerShellPlus product. PowerShellPlus is
    a editor with strong PowerShell support.

    All details related to this event will be posted on
    (NOTE: This is delivered via Live Meeting 2007. It is possible that you may have
    to download and install the Live Meeting 2007 client which can take possibly up
    to 10 minutes typically.)

    $signature = "Hal Rottenberg, MVP - Admin Frameworks"
    $projects = @{ title = "Blog Author"; url = "" },
    @{ title = "Co-host"; url = "" },
    @{ title = "Community Director"; url = "" },
    @{ title = "Psi Webmaster"; url = "" }
    Hal Rottenberg [MVP], Nov 13, 2008
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  2. Marco Shaw [MVP], Nov 13, 2008
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