Any AOL with Vista users here?? Font problem.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Talk' started by jackevln, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. jackevln

    jackevln Guest

    On a new Vista machine with AOL 9.0 and later 9.1
    All (except AOL) fonts are fine.
    Notepad, Browsers, Worpad, MS Works programs, MS
    Mail, and even "writE" amil in AOL have proper fonts.
    But, in AOL, the fonts in incoming e-mail and names on the
    "buddies"list are so small they are essentially unreadablle.
    If I "copy" and incoming e-mail and paste it elsewhere
    the fonts appear at the proper size.
    Any ideas on how to rectify this apparent AOL/Vista
    AOL's brilliant suggestion was to set the resolution on
    the 21" flat screen to 640x480! How's that for help
    Thanks for any help --- I've found none on the AOL
    groups either.
    jackevln, Mar 11, 2008
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  2. jackevln

    housetrained Guest

    Try using Window Live Mail
    housetrained, Mar 12, 2008
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  3. jackevln

    mathedman Guest

    How does this help the AOL problem.
    AOL hads a much nicer e-mail client that outlook express.
    mathedman, Mar 12, 2008
  4. Not that I'm defending someone telling you to use Windows Live Mail if you
    are comfortable with your current AOL client, but Windows Live Mail is NOT
    Outlook Express. There is no Outlook Express for Vista.
    Charles Tomaras, Mar 13, 2008
  5. jackevln

    mathedman Guest

    windows mail IS just a juiced up version of Outlook Express
    mathedman, Mar 13, 2008
  6. Call it what you want, but it's a drastically changed application and it's
    not called Outlook Express. The least we can do on these newsgroups is try
    to speak accurately about software and issues to eliminate confusion and
    find solutions to our problems.
    Charles Tomaras, Mar 13, 2008
  7. jackevln

    mathedman Guest

    I was paraphrasing "PC Magazne" which noted that MSWhatever, it
    still is not nearly as nice as an e-mail client as AOL -- especially
    since AOL is my e-mail sewrvice provider While I can read AOL mail on
    MS mail the "recently deleted" and "old mail" box contents aren't
    handles well.
    mathedman, Mar 14, 2008
  8. jackevln

    mathedman Guest

    But whatever --- non of these interchanges have to do with my
    original question!
    mathedman, Mar 14, 2008
  9. jackevln

    Paul Knudsen Guest

    Big deal, they renamed it. Still works about the same.
    Paul Knudsen, Mar 14, 2008

    Actually quite a bit different from Outlook Express. All I'm saying is when
    you are seeking support or giving support on a newsgroup it is confusing
    when someone identifies a feature from a previous version of Windows while
    discussing a current version of Windows. Of course many seem to visit this
    newsgroup just to bitch.
    Charles Tomaras, Mar 15, 2008
  11. jackevln

    leo8624 Guest

    My sister found this it may help.

    This notice appears when I turn my mch on and it might be of some help to
    others who are having font problems?

    Settings for the monitor may cause some text problems in AOL to be to large,
    in my case to small, only when I print something, however, AOL is designed
    for use at
    96 dots-per-inch (DPI).
    If you would like to adj the monitor settings go to;
    Display Properties from the Windows Control Panel
    Click on the Settings Tab and then
    click the Advanced Button.

    From there you can change your Font Size from Lg. to sm. which will set your
    monitor to 96 DPI.

    Hopefully this will help some people.
    leo8624, Apr 2, 2008
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