any recommendations for Anti-Virus & Disk Partitioning ?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by neutrino, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. neutrino

    neutrino Guest

    I'v tried installing Avast onto a Vista Pc - even downloading the
    latest free Home Version which is supposed to be Vista compatible,
    but terrible results! pc hung, rebooted and immediately turned off
    Avast, and system was ok.
    Same for another - Paragon Partition Manager - it came up and I got as
    far as ticking the boxes for creating a partition - then it hung!.. I
    managed to kill to off, and tried again - but from there on it would
    not get any further than the "Splash Screen" of the program.! then
    wouldnt boot, tried tried and ended up reinstalling Vista !!!
    So no more trying to partition with that, or having Avast as the A/V
    program. even though both have been great on XP. any
    reccomendations for an AV and a partitioning prog' for Vista??
    neutrino, Sep 1, 2007
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  2. neutrino

    ceed Guest

    I have been using almost everything out there over the years. The best
    anti-virus out there in my opinion is Sophos who only delivers
    enterprise solutions. However, there's one consumer product out there
    which now includes the Sophos anti-virus engine: SpywSweeper with
    AntiVirus. We now have this solution on several computers and do not
    have problems with spyware nor viruses. This is a great running very
    good combined solution which solves two problems in one go.

    If you insist on a heavy-hitter stand alone anti virus package I would
    go for NOD32. It's proven over time and runs well.

    ceed, Sep 1, 2007
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  3. neutrino

    ceed Guest

    As for partitoning there's the one and only Acronis Disk Director
    Suite. Has never caused any problems whatsoever, and it works great
    with Vista.

    ceed, Sep 1, 2007
  4. neutrino

    UEngstrom Guest

    I run McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise v. 8.5.0i and it works perfectly.

    UEngstrom, Sep 1, 2007
  5. neutrino

    MICHAEL Guest

    * neutrino:
    NOD32 and Acronis Disk Director.
    ESET NOD32 Antivirus offers superior, comprehensive protection, the fastest scanning
    throughput, and the least performance impact of any solution.

    Also, I recommend Acronis True Image.

    Those three, IMO, are essentials for any computer, and well worth
    their price.

    MICHAEL, Sep 1, 2007
  6. I am running avast AV and it has worked as it did on XP since I installed
    It would suggest that something else is causing you problems on your PC.
    Vista has a built in partitioning tool.. what do you want to do that it
    can't do?
    [email protected], Sep 1, 2007
  7. neutrino

    neutrino Guest

    YES! I agree with the Acronis software - excelent - I tested the
    backup program.. clear and easy to use, I'd previously used Norton

    I wanted to partition mainly for backup purposes (ghost or Acronis)
    and have a partition to save it onto, as it's just a bit bigger than
    will fit on a DVD, I'll also set that partition as the store location
    for email, so even in a melt down of the os, and a restore - current
    email will always be safe.
    I'm very new to Vista - what and where IS the partitioning tool ?
    This is all happening on a friends PC.. I'm assisting in some of the
    setup, and advised a partition, a backup program, and ya just gotta
    have an anti-Virus, and since I'd been using Avast for some time now -
    I recommended it - curious though! I spotted another post here where
    Avast was recomended by folk using it quiter happilly on Vista - so
    yep.. must agree.. there must be something else troubling this
    system! though even last night after I'd completed a full reinstal of
    Vista, set up the email and 'net connection. all complete - I
    thought.... wonder if there are any drivers to install for the video
    card.. and popped in the CD that came with the system - soon as I
    clicked the setup.exe - it stopped functioning ~ froze up! Aarrrggg!
    not again.. but managed to terminate it, and all was ok - gave up at
    that point trying to do any further installls, either the video
    drivers (if any) , or Paragon Partition manager, or Avast - thinking
    I better think of another way to accomplish this!
    seems to be a bit of a sensitive system when it comes to putting in
    new programs! but !?!?!? how and why, and how to figure out the
    neutrino, Sep 2, 2007
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