Any specific IE7 site to list or report bad third party add-ons

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Rayna, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Rayna

    Rayna Guest

    Is there any specific IE7 site to list or report bad third party add-onsthat
    crash IE7 (NOT the beta)?

    I have sent an email to the software company itself (see below), but wonder
    if anyone is compliing a list for the benefit of those who are looking for
    answers to problems with IE7?

    -------- start of quote of email sent to Decisionmark at ----

    "Just an FYI:

    TitanTV IE Toolbar version 1.0.2 crashes the new Microsoft Internet Explorer
    7 browser in the following circumstances:

    Open new tabs, close a tab opened earlier, browser crashes.

    Example: Open several websites using tabbed browsing, even open a second
    browser window with one or more tabs. Close any tab OTHER THAN the last one
    opened (last one to the right) of either open browser window. Internet
    Explorer 7 crashes and all windows and tabs close.

    I repeated this procedure several times in order to positively identify
    which browser extenstion was causing IE7 to exhibit this behavior. It does
    not matter what sites are being viewed.

    How I verified: disabled the TitanTV toolbar. Uninstalled the toolbar
    completely. Reinstalled toolbar.

    IE7 does not crash when toolbar is disabled or after removal.

    Thank you for your attention. I will wait for a corrected version of TitanTV
    toolbar to be released before reinstalling.
    Rayna, Nov 8, 2006
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