Anyone Noticed that Vista Displays Free Disk Space Wrong?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Axel Dahmen, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Axel Dahmen

    Axel Dahmen Guest

    Did anyone notice that Vista calculates free disk space wrong?

    I'm using a D: drive for storing data. The drive hosts many Virtual PC hard disks, approx. 20 GB each. The drive is marked to compress all files.

    There is approx. 70 GB free disk space on D: (according to Windows Explorer "Computer" node).

    I've now copied some files from D: to F:. Nothing else... After hours of waiting and after the files have been copied, now I've suddenly 0 GB of free disk space on D: !!!!!

    According to Computer node the D: disk size is 208 GB, 0 GB free!

    There is only one folder stored in D:, "Documents". Looking at the properties of Documents it says: 180 GB used, 108 GB used on disk.

    I need to restart the computer to regain my free disk space of 70 GB !! (Strange enough: 208 - 108 should be 100)

    Microsoft doesn't provide a feedback option for Vista. I hope they'll read this...
    Axel Dahmen
    Axel Dahmen, Aug 30, 2008
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