Anytime Upgrade from Vista Home Premier to Ultimate Fails because

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by lastlion, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. lastlion

    lastlion Guest

    I was running Vista Ultimate on my Dell XPS 710 (Core Dual, 4GB RAM), which
    was a successful Windows Anytime Upgrade from the factory installed Vista
    Home Premier. As part of a XPS upgrade path, Dell offered to swap out my
    motherboard with a XPS 720 and an Intel Core quad processor. I accepted the
    upgrade and a Dell tech came to my home and installed the XPS 720 motherboard
    and new Intel Quad processor. The upgrade went well and the system fired up
    on the first try. Dell recommended that the OS be wiped and reinstalled, so
    I did that and reinstalled Vista Home Premium from the factory disk. Again,
    all went well and Vista sees the quad CPU and the system works great. I take
    the next step and do the Windows Anytime Upgrade to get the Vista Home
    Premier to Vista Ultimate as before and that is where I hit problems.

    During the installation at what I would guess is close to the end of the
    install I will get a pop up error that says:

    "Windows vista cannot continue the upgrade because it cannot configure a
    system component. Resolve this issue and reinstall windows vista."

    It then reboots and rolls back to my Vista Home Premier install. I have
    tried this install several times and no luck. Someone recommend I try it
    will only 1GB of RAM install and I got the same error. I also have pulled
    all external equipment off the system except for my USB keyboard, USB mouse,
    and DVI monitor. I have contacted Dell, and their response is to get support
    from Microsoft because the system works with the factory installed Windows
    Vista. I am at a loss on what to do next. I really only need Ultimate
    because I need to Remote Desktop into other systems, but I am dying without
    that functionality.

    Any suggestions on how I can get this upgrade to work correctly?


    lastlion, Sep 26, 2007
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  2. lastlion

    Rick Rogers Guest


    If you are just using it as a client to remote into other systems, and not
    as a host for a remote desktop session, then there is no need to upgrade.
    Home Premium contains the necessary files to run an RD session. It just
    cannot act as a host for other machines to connect to.
    Rick Rogers, Sep 26, 2007
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  3. lastlion

    lastlion Guest


    Thanks for the information. I am remoting into other systems that has
    Ultimate and
    WinxXP Pro. They are acting as the host systems I am trying to manage and I
    was using the Remote Client on Vista Ultimate to remote into those systems.
    I was not able to locate the Remote Desktop Client in Vista Home Premium.
    Where is the best place to find it on the system? I may have completely
    missed the Remote Desktop Client because i thought you had to have Ultimate.

    lastlion, Sep 26, 2007
  4. lastlion

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Type it into the search prompt is the easiest way. Also, start/all
    Rick Rogers, Sep 26, 2007
  5. lastlion

    lastlion Guest

    Just a quick update on this issue:

    I was finally able to get Ultimate installed after many many attempts. Here
    is what finally worked for me. I am not sure if this had any impact, but I
    did change this setting in the BIOS first: I disabled the multicore CPU. I
    really don't think that is what allowed it to install, but it was one of the
    first steps in the process for a successful install.

    I got the Anytime Update to work by installing the license and when Vista
    brought up the choice of update with the latest patches at the end of your
    install or do it later on your own, I choice do it later on my own. The next
    step was when the choice of Upgrade Vista or Install a fresh copy came up, I
    now chose install a fresh copy. This wipes out your Windows directory and
    all your files, but a copy of everthing is put in a folder called
    Windows.Old. The system installed correctly this time.

    The only other issue I had was a 2 blue screen right after I brough the
    system back up and was trying things out. The system had no updates on it
    nor did it have a video driver that would go beyond 1024x768. After I
    installed all MS updates for Vista and the latest Nvidia driver, the system
    has been working like a dream. No blue screens and everything is working

    Installing it this way had another benefit when it came time to restore my
    user data. Because Vista make copy of the User folder and puts it in the
    Windows.Old folder, I was very easy able to copy over my files to the new
    User folder. It was quicker and easier than restoring from back up over my

    I hope this helps someone else.

    Thanks to Rick for offering me some suggestions related to getting Remote
    Desktop Client to work.

    lastlion, Sep 27, 2007
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