Are there any known problems using Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7 64-Bit

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Nathan Sokalski, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. I am using Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. However, I have
    been getting an error when debugging my site even though I haven't changed
    anything since I had it on my old 32-Bit XP machine not more than about 2
    months ago. I have been trying to get help for the actual errors with some
    of the other newsgroups; my question here is are there any known issues
    between Visual Studio 2008/.NET 3.5 and 64-Bit operating systems? Thanks.
    Nathan Sokalski, Mar 1, 2010
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  2. The error has to do with a control being Nothing (or null) when I try to set
    one of it's properties. I am using the Visual Studio 2008 test web server.
    Even though I have tried to find a way to fix it, the thing that makes me
    wonder if it has anything to do with Windows 7 or 64-bit is the fact that
    when I would test the site on my 32-bit XP machine less than 2 months ago, I
    had not problems with the exact same code. And even more frustrating is the
    fact that I have made a copy of the site and compared every file character
    for character, yet one works and one doesn't. But I have (and still am)
    trying to figure out how to fix the problem in another thread, my real
    question here is whether 2008 has any known issues on Windows 7 64-Bit. Is
    there a site that Microsoft has that would have information like this
    available on it? Thanks.
    Nathan Sokalski, Mar 2, 2010
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  3. I tried reinstalling Visual Studio 2008, and I do have the service pack:

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
    Version 9.0.30729.1 SP
    Microsoft .NET Framework
    Version 3.5 SP1

    But I still receive the same problem. Any other ideas? Thank you for your
    Nathan Sokalski, Mar 2, 2010
  4. Perhaps the control (3rd party?) only works in 32-bit mode?
    Family Tree Mike, Mar 3, 2010
  5. The control is one that I wrote, and to the best of my knowledge it does not
    use any classes that are affected by whether it is running in a 32 or 64-bit
    environment. And as I said before, I have two projects with identical code
    (including the source code for this control), and only one is working.
    Nathan Sokalski, Mar 3, 2010
  6. I have tried creating a new project from scratch, but same problem, and I am
    pretty sure the problem is not in the control, because as I have mentioned,
    the control works in one of the two identical projects. If the problem is by
    some chance in the control, where could it be? I would really have any idea
    where in the control to look, since the control is Nothing when the problem
    happens. Of all the development problems I've ever had, this has to be the
    most frustrating by far.
    Nathan Sokalski, Mar 3, 2010
  7. I mean another project with the exact same source code on the same x64 box.
    This is part of why I am finding it so hard and frustrating to fix, since I
    can't find any code differences to cause it.
    Nathan Sokalski, Mar 3, 2010
  8. Nathan Sokalski

    Paul Guest

    You never gave enough information about the error.

    I had a similar problem on vs2009 win7-64. It was driving me nuts that the
    designer was repeatedly dropping the constructor for my custom control on
    the form. It turned out I had marked the control's constructor internal and
    it should have been public.

    -------- Original Message --------
    Paul, Apr 9, 2010
  9. Nathan Sokalski

    Paul Guest


    -------- Original Message --------
    Paul, Apr 9, 2010
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