Are Windows Vista Accounts and Passwords Safe?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Potential Windows Vista User, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I was told by some of my friends that the password login system in Windows
    Vista is not secure and that anyone could hack in and take remote control of
    my PC. Is this true? They also told me that this is impossible in this new
    product they call Linux or something. These guys have a web site at I'm thinking about using Vista but I'm not sure.
    Potential Windows Vista User, Jul 12, 2007
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  2. "and that anyone could hack in and take remote"
    Not true.
    If the computer is safely and securely used.

    "that this is impossible"
    That is what was said about the possibility of the Titanic sinking.
    Such extreme claims are almost always false as is the case this time.

    No operating system is 100% secure.
    There are always possibilities which is why development continues and
    updated are released.

    Anyone who believes his operating system is impenetrable probably has
    a weak system since they do not believe there is a possibility of
    compromise and thus take no action to protect the computer.

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]

    "Potential Windows Vista User" <Potential Windows Vista
    > wrote in message
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jul 12, 2007
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  3. The Reply is below

    Define safely and securely used? Do i need to pay for a firewall or
    antivirus? I was told I don't need these with Linux because it comes with a
    If thats impossible then how come NAPA auto parts has ran their TAMS Linux
    servers for 4 years straight without shutting them down or restarting them?
    IBM claims that Linux won't stop working until the hardware breaks. Is IBM
    I was told that people only try to get into Microsoft systems because they
    don't like Microsoft? And because it's so easy.
    I thought all the 35,000,000 in the open source community kept it safe?

    Why are companies like Dell, HP, and Epson selling Ubuntu computers?
    Potential Windows Vista User, Jul 12, 2007
  4. Safe and secure?
    1. Safe computing practices.
    2. Critical updated installed.
    3. Effective virus and spyware detection.
    4. Firewall

    Windows Vista comes with a firewall as well there are free firewalls
    available from 3rd parties.
    So, no you do not need to buy a firewall.
    An anti virus is not included, but there are free options as well.
    Linux having firewall features does nothing to replace an anti virus.
    A firewall and antivirus are different tools with different purposes.

    The reasons why hackers try various systems are varied and depends on
    their motivations.
    Many simply hate Microsoft and will do whatever they can to make life
    difficult for users of Microsoft products.
    Microsoft OSs are a far larger % of computers so hour for hour time
    spent, they can bring down more Microsoft computers than any other
    operating system.
    Also most new computer users get computers with Windows.
    Most Linux users are already familiar with computers and thus better
    prepared to maintain their computers.
    As for easy, that depends if their computer is secure.

    "that this is impossible"
    Followed your comment:
    "hack in and take remote control"
    Nothing was said about uptime.
    As I suggested before, I would be very suspicious of any claim about
    any product that had "impossible"in it.
    Ask IBM what they meant and then post back the details and source.

    As for why are companies selling specific products?
    The same reasons any company sells any product.
    Customers ask and the company feels they can make more $ giving the
    customer what is requested.
    If you want specifics, you need to ask them.

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]

    "Potential Windows Vista User"
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jul 13, 2007
  5. I thought Linux didn't get viruses? I thought Windows Viruses could not run
    on Linux. So do I need an anti virus?

    I can understand why hackers are angry at Microsoft. They charge you for
    products that are not worth the money. No Office comes with Vista. You have
    to buy all that seperatly and you can't even play DVDs without buying extra
    software. What a bunch of crap. Why do Linux users need to do maintenance?
    Defraging is not needed. Cleaning up temporary files is not needed but can be
    done. So if you don't have to pay for it, it comes with all the software you
    need, and it dosen't need maintenance and Windows viruses don't affect it
    then why not use it?

    Also a friend of mine worked for Microsoft and he made great things. He
    helped develop DOS, Win 3.1, 95, and then retired. He said that the worst
    thing was that they took your good ideas and programs and locked them up
    because they thought they were too good to put into Windows. They made
    previous products look bad. And they gave Microsoft less control over the
    customer. I can understand why x programmers would be inclined to write
    viruses. He didn't but I can see why.

    I know it's impossible to hack in to a Linux computer and take remote
    control unless you set up the computer to accept VNC invitations. Most Linux
    distributions refuse this by default. You also must put in a root password to
    do anything in Linux that will mess up the system. So how do you screw up
    windows? Oh ya you click accept instead of deny. That is a great security
    Potential Windows Vista User, Jul 13, 2007
  6. "I can understand why hackers are angry at Microsoft"
    They have no reason to be angry at anyone.
    If they do not like a products price, simple, do not buy.
    The same as all other products.
    Do you really get angry every time you see a product you want at a
    price you think is high?
    Anyone who uses that as a reason to get angry has other issues and
    that is simply the excuse they use.

    "I can understand why x programmers would be inclined to write
    You understand why programmers what to damage people data?
    People whom they have never met?
    Do you think it is OK to punish a business customers because you do
    not like something about the business?
    If so, hopefully you live far away from me and anyone I know, we would
    not want your business.

    " I know it's impossible to hack in to a Linux"
    Are you guaranteeing that for the future?
    Are you guaranteeing that advancing technology and/or presently
    unknown bugs will not make the OS vulnerable?

    "So how do you screw up windows?"
    Your comparison is flawed and it will not work on my computer.
    Your example for Linux was an external attempt.
    For Windows you made it internal.
    If the user clicks Accept, that is no longer a vulnerability, that is
    Once someone has physical unrestricted control of the computer, they
    own it.
    That is not a vulnerability and is similar for all operating systems
    from all sources.

    What do the Linux groups tell you when you have asked about the
    potential for getting viruses?

    Jupiter Jones [MVP]

    "Potential Windows Vista User"
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jul 13, 2007
  7. The consumer's suffer. Colleges, businesses and schools pay way to much
    money. Even a guy from a College in Texas who is in charge of the computer
    budjet told me they pay Microsoft RENT for Vista! And they have to re
    register every 3 months! Thats just wrong. They can't even afford other
    things because of it.
    Programmers usually don't want to hurt people. They just want people to
    understand the security flaws in Microsoft's programs. I don't make viruses
    or spread them around. If your not part of the solution then your part of the
    problem and Microsoft products are a breeding ground for Viruses so that
    would mean that if you use them you are part of the problem. Linux does not
    spread viruses.
    Some Linux servers have been comprised before but never has a Linux machine
    without Remote Access even installed been taken over and hacked into that way.
    So when a user accepts unsecure programs because his comptuer could not
    prevent them and he has no idea what they are thats not a security flaw in
    the security sytstem? Since when should it be the user's responsibility to
    keep programs from destroying his or her computer. With linux you just
    install it and it works. With Microsoft you need to install antivirus and all
    this other junk. And you can't argue unless you have tried it. You can't even
    get windows viruses to work unless you try very very very hard and then they
    only affect WINE.
    They always tell me that the only way to get a Linux virus (as also stated
    in the wikipedia) is to find instructions for getting the virus, install
    unnecessary plug ins that allow viruses to run, finally you have to compile
    the virus manually for your computer and then read how to install it. With
    windows they just install themselves.
    Potential Windows Vista User, Jul 15, 2007
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