ARGH!!! i am pulling my hair out.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by livnlo, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. livnlo

    livnlo Guest

    this is what i have.
    mce 2005
    intel d925xbc
    p4 3.0 800 bus
    512 ddr2 mem
    dual sata raid controled 160 gig drives
    evga tv tuner card
    ati x 700 pro and a nvidia nx6600 td256e
    dvd rw
    400 watt power
    i cant seem to get the pic on my big sreen to work properly and also i am
    not impressed by the tv viewing and recording quality and i am not even going
    threw a set top box just regualr cable into the tuner card, my vcr records
    better. i am so fustrated with this system i am about to chuck it out the
    window. i have been reading the board for days and days and have found some
    things to help. is my euipment wrong should i try some differant parts.
    thank you in advance for your help.
    livnlo, Mar 22, 2005
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  2. livnlo

    ShamusFu Guest

    Welcome to MCE 2005.

    I am still using this, but my MCE has been demoted to a back office unti for
    my kids.

    Woke up one day and wondered why I spent $1,500 on a unit that was unable to
    match the reliability and features (at least regarding HDTV) that a $20 a
    month cable box could do.

    MCE is great for music and pictures if you are really into playing
    slideshows and music, but is really lacking regarding watching television. I
    think they have a long way to go to match the performance, reliability, etc.
    of a set top box and even come close to the price.

    Why pay $2 grand for something below par to a cheap set top box when you
    cant even match the features?

    I was also pretty dissapointed with the TV features
    ShamusFu, Mar 22, 2005
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  3. livnlo

    JW Guest

    ATI has made a lot of claims that its new Elite tuner card with the 550
    chip does a much better job at encoding the Tuner or video input then its
    previous card and then the other NTSC cards currently on the market. I have
    not seen any glowing reports from users that were disappointed with the
    quality of their encoding claim that upgrading to the Elite card resolved
    their quality concerns. Maybe someone who has tried this upgrade can comment
    on their experience.

    Also what DVD decoder are you using and are you satisfied with the picture
    quality of DVDs being played with MCE?

    And what kind and size of Big TV do you have?
    JW, Mar 22, 2005
  4. livnlo

    livnlo Guest

    the tv i am using is a toshibe 57hx81, it supports 480 720 and 1080
    progressive and i am using the hd componant input on the tv and using the hd
    componant out put from the video card. i have tried many differant res
    settings and can not get it to fill the hole screen. i even went out and
    bought an nvidia card to try and it seems to work better then the ati. and
    when i use a higher res to get it to fit my screen i loose my zoom feature on
    my tv. the play back on dvd is ok really need to be able to zoom alittle and
    i have 3 differant decoders loaded. also when i play back recorded tv it will
    only display in 4 x 3 so it wont even come close to filling up the screen. i
    wish my tv had a dvi input, i think it would work alot better if i did. even
    tho i am still unimpressed with mce 2005 overall.
    livnlo, Mar 22, 2005
  5. livnlo

    Nathan Guest

    What resolutions did you use whit the NVIDIA and ATI card. Which one are you
    using now. Do you get the zoom function when you watch a DVD? You said that
    4x3 does not fill the screen, is it just left to right or also top to
    bottom? Which decoder are you using now? Does your TV have a zoom function?
    If so what are the options and what is it currently set at? Last did you run
    the TV display wizard in Mediacenter to tell Mediacenter what kind of
    display you are using?

    Nathan, Mar 23, 2005
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