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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by RajKohli, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. RajKohli

    RajKohli Guest

    I was discussing this with someone in Windows XP Newgroup and found that
    "Arrange - Favorites" should be updated.

    There is only one option to sort Favorites and i.e. "Sort by Name" even in
    Internet Explorer 7. There should be more categories to Arrange - Favorites
    like by Date - Modified or Created.

    Problem is: if once the Favorites Arranged by name then there is no going
    back. However, you can put each and every favorite on your desire location by
    it is a lot of time consuming and what if you have thousand of Favorites.

    Comments will be appreciated.
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    RajKohli, Dec 8, 2006
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  2. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest

    I don't use favorites because I find it much more efficient in Win XP to
    just use folders and use Show in Groups to make files and folders
    retrievable. Vista has this type explorer folder organization, and it is
    even more detailed and robust but you have to look around for it, including
    using a right click of the icon on the lower left corner of an explorer
    folder where the folder files or folders within that particular folder are
    labled when they are highlighted.

    Two apps that may really please you if you are dedictated to using Favorites
    are Favorites Home Page and FAves to Go. You can search engine for them.
    Kelly's XP still has a free download for one of them, and you are able to
    bring your favorites up in less than a second on a web page and color the
    background and a link.

    You could then drag the icon at the upper left of that web page and have a
    copy of all your faves on a web page in multiple locations or folders or
    wherever on your HD, partitions, drives, etc.

    These work in Vista.


    PC Mag also sells it for $25 bucks.
    Chad Harris, Dec 8, 2006
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  3. RajKohli

    Dale Guest

    It's probably too late to make a difference, after all, Vista and IE7 are
    both in production now (though I don't give the WMP product group the same
    consideration because WMP 11 just plain sucks), but I am curious. How would
    you suggest they implement a manual sort that is less time consuming?

    Dale, Dec 8, 2006
  4. RajKohli

    RajKohli Guest

    Ok! I give you an example. A person has more than 2000 Favorites and he like
    to Sort them by Date. He want to view all of his favorite as from recently
    added to next one. The problem is, there is no such option. Only one type
    sorting available is "Sort by Name" and if by mistake someone once sort them
    by name then there is no looking back. Even if you open the Favorite folder
    and then sort them by date or any other type then Windows still shows them
    Name wise in Internet Explorer.

    I know that there could be some Favorite Organizer programs but what about
    Windows? Do we have to use third party programs to do those little tasks.

    Moreover, if you have any program name which can sort Favorites by date and
    show them exact in IE then let me know.

    Waiting for your responses.
    RajKohli, Dec 9, 2006
  5. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest


    That was my point. The Fav Home Page is interesting in that it makes all
    the faves hyperlihnks but you don't need a 3rd party solution. I really
    think this is psychological because people kind of grew up on book marks
    with Ntscape and Favorites with IE but the truth is no matter how fast your
    box is, favorites take a lot longer if you have a lot of them. Windows
    Explorer in XP or in Vista has exactly the orginazational features you just
    asked for.

    Have you put Explorer through all its possible paces? Right click the icon
    on the lower left of the folder. Once you've decided on your categories
    like Name, Date, Modified and there are over 120 to choose from, you can
    click to the right of the category and organize by group. That gives you
    all the retrievability you could need.

    Chad Harris, Dec 9, 2006
  6. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest


    Sorry for mispelling organizational and I do believe you meant Windows
    Explorer files and folders not IE.

    You can easily sort by date for files and folders. If you want to sort
    "favorites" (IE) then simply drag the "e" from the address bar of a
    particular favorite site into a folder named anything you want, and then use
    the feature to sort by date or any criteria you want.

    Chad Harris, Dec 9, 2006
  7. RajKohli

    RajKohli Guest

    What icon you are referring to? Please explain in depth and will this method
    work for IE too.

    My question is simple:

    Can Favorites be organized by date within Internet Explorer? Not in Favorite
    folder in Windows Explorer.

    Hope to have a soon reply from you.
    RajKohli, Dec 9, 2006
  8. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest


    What I meant to say to be clear is that I find it much easier wanting to get
    the same organization you want, to forget Favorites. I'm trying to get you
    to take any web page that you want to "bookmark" as a "favorite" or "save as
    a favorite" and get it into a Windows Explorer folder. Once you do that you
    can get exactly the kind of organization you want. If you put any number of
    shortcuts into a Windows Explorer folder, then they become subject to
    Sorting by literally any of over 120 categories, including by name, by last
    modified, by date, etc. and you can see the categories by right clicking the
    icon in the lower left of the Vista Explorer folder, and I want you to focus
    on this menu

    1) Right click the icon which could be a generic folder icon if you haven't
    modified it at the lower left of the Windows Explorer folder
    2) A Right click context menu will pop up and the 2nd itme on the list will
    be SORT BY and at the bottom of that slide out menu will be the category
    sort by MORE. Click on more and you'll see a list of categories that can be
    included at the top of the explorer folder and there are more than 120 of
    3) Then once you have checked the ones you want and situated them at the top
    of the folder as a category, you have your sort by date and this is exactly
    what you asked for.

    Keep in mind that you can get the shortcut to the particular page you want
    as an IE favorite to put in the folder by simply left click mouse dragging
    the small "e" from the IE address bar to the desktop or to the folder you

    I also do this with newsgroup posts that I want to save, dragging them out
    of Win Mail (you don't need to copy just dragging copies, and this also
    applies to any folders you want to put in another folder.

    I hope this is been clear because this is exactly what you are wanting to

    Notice that once you get the category you have selected from SORT BY MORE
    you can click on the right side of the category and you will get a pull
    down and you can sort in any of the ways available in that pulldown. I use

    Chad Harris, Dec 9, 2006
  9. RajKohli

    RajKohli Guest

    You are still not understanding what I want to do. I have a list of 2000
    Favorites. I do know that I can organize them by date or by category or
    anything I like in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    The problem is this only work in Windows Explorer and they still remain
    Sorted By Name under Internet Explorer - Favorite Menu.

    Hope you understand this time what I want to do. If you have any idea
    releated to this then let me know. Do not suggest about sorting the files in
    Windows Explorer or Folders.
    RajKohli, Dec 9, 2006
  10. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest

    1) I think organizing by Favorites or using Favorites is a terrible idea. I
    can find anything in seconds manually using folders.

    2) Vista has trerific search. It's one of the best features in all its
    aspects and that should help you.

    3) It is clear you want to work within the framework of Favorites. I think
    it's much better to work within the explorer framework, but that's your
    preference and choice.

    4) I looked at Favorites and I don't see how to organize them the way you
    want parallel to explorer.

    5) I can offer you "Faves to Go" which would make your favorites very
    retrievable in seconds here thanks to Kelly's XP:

    6) Maybe someone else who works with favorites in Vista will come up with
    your solution.

    Chad Harris, Dec 9, 2006
  11. RajKohli

    RajKohli Guest

    This was been clear to me with you first post that you are talking about
    "Organizing Favorites in Folder" and you are still suggesting the same.

    As I mention in my first post that some was discussing it with me. He has
    more than 2000 Favorites and he by mistake sort them with names. Now, what he
    want he is to orgazine favorite by date.

    I suggestted the same to him that create a shortcut of your Favorite Folder
    on Desktop or Quick Launch then Orgazine them as he wants.

    Problem is:
    1. He wants them sorted by date in FAVORITE MENU OF INTERNET EXPLORER. Which
    is not possible. Doesn't matter how you sort your favorites in Favorite
    Folder or any other folder, they will remain sorted by name in IE.

    2. This post was a suggestion for Microsoft that they should add more option
    in "Arrange By:" in IE Favorite Menu.

    Maybe you are very much liking Windows Vista features but this is not about
    Windows Vista or how you can organize your files in folder using 120
    Categories. Question is: can they remain exact in Favorite menu of IE?

    You also know that accessing a favorite through Favorite menu is much easier
    than any other alternative. Because if you have stored all of your favorites
    in a folder than what you have to do is Minimizing the IE then
    double-clicking the folder then sub-folders (if any) or giving the Arrange By
    commands etc. This envolved many Mouse Click but in Favorite menu its just 2
    click away.

    Hope you understand and next time you will try to answer the question that
    is it possible to arrange favorites by date in favorite menu of IE. If not,
    then Microsoft should implement this in next version.
    RajKohli, Dec 9, 2006
  12. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest

    Raj let me be clear. This place is *one of the worst place in the world to
    suggest anything to MSFT.* MSFT personnel don't actively participate in
    these groups. They may see them, but you can't be sure. Two of them are
    rarely in here when something has to do with their area at MSFT. You mean
    the company that makes IE and Vista I presume. MSFT isn't monitoring this
    group or most of their groups for suggestions. In selected instances, they
    will participate more than normal in public groups for new apps. This is not

    I know that thousands of people mistakenly think that if they say something
    here, it's going to influence Microsoft. That's not usually the case. Take
    it to the team who makes Favorites and I just showed you the way.

    If you or the friend you're helping here by proxy want to take a suggestion
    to MSFT on Favorites, your most direct route is to make a comment to the IE
    team who are the mommies and daddys of IE at their blog:

    See that link on the very right that says "email"--that bud is for you Raj.
    Hop on it. That takes you right into the headquaters of the IE team at
    Redmond through the majic of cyberspace. Go for it.

    Raj part of the problem is that you haven't been clear with what you want in
    English enough for me to understand. I've tried like hell to understand you.
    I am prone to typos I refuse to spellcheck for but I know a little English.
    I don't care what your English vocabulary is, the fact is you haven't been
    clear. I understand what "he" wants to doI don't think you can do for the
    second time, what you want to do with favorites without resorting to 3rd

    Did I mention, I don't think he can do for the third time, what you want to
    do with favorites without reosrting to 3rd party?

    He may get info he wants in the XP group, or the IE group.

    This app has freeware. It will take some searching to find

    I tried searching a web archive and he can try this:

    Also he can try:

    I do understand you and I did two times ago, but my time to keep chiselling
    a concept into your head is rather limited and I hope my English has been

    Take this up with the IE team at MSFT's Redmond Campus who make Favorites
    again. I have offered you two of the best Favorites organizers above for

    I have said time and again that what your friend wants to do is easily done
    within the framework of the newly enhanced Windows Explorer organization by
    Vista. Your friend could quickly and easily copy those 2000 plus faves into

    He know has both Faves to Go and Favorites Home page thanks to my links
    above. He can do what he wants with those. He can tell the IE team what he
    wants done with Favorites and hammer on them so they'll make him happy with
    the next OS called Blackcomb/Vienna/Fiji or whatever goofey name they will
    definitely come up with.

    Best of luck,

    Chad Harris
    Chad Harris, Dec 9, 2006
  13. RajKohli

    Chad Harris Guest


    Pass these on also to this friend who apprantely can't post for himself

    These are available from Microsoft as to Favorites:

    Favorites Live from the MSN Live team:!588B7D8358652DA8!479.entry

    From the IE team section who make Favorites:

    Jeremy Epling is in the PM in charge of Favorites/History on the IE team.
    Click the email link and make your suggestions for how you want favorites
    with Attention to Jeremy here, and you can also make all the comments you
    have been making to me to Jeremy on that page.

    This is the result of a search for Favorites on the IE team blog. Check it

    Go for it and good luck. Ball is in your court now.

    Chad Harris, Dec 9, 2006
  14. RajKohli

    Dale Guest

    Actually, Microsoft does monitor some groups.

    If you use Microsoft's web based news reader and click the New post button,
    on this group you get two choices: "General comment" and "Question". On
    many other groups, where the product team cares to hear from users, there is
    a third option: "Suggestion to Microsoft". Those are read by Microsoft.

    Another example is the Vista General Discussion newsgroup. Besides having
    the "Suggestion to Microsoft" option above, the Microsoft employees on that
    group have been known to report bugs to the product teams. I previously
    quoted a Microsoft employee named Jillian from that newsgroup on this
    newsgroup as a demonstration that what we were told by the Microsoft
    employee who used to post to this news group (but left because the heat
    about Windows Media Player 11 got too hot for him) was wrong. In fact, for
    quoting Jillian's comment that she had, in fact, reported a couple bugs to
    the Vista group based on a news group poster's comments, I was referred to
    as a troll by a MVP.

    The difference here is the Windows Media Player product team, including the
    Microsoft employee who used to post to this news group (but left because the
    heat about Windows Media Player 11 got too hot for him). He is a member of
    the Windows Media Player product team and stated that it was a Microsoft
    policy that he was not allowed to report bugs he learned about in the
    newsgroups. He must work for a different Microsoft than Jillian does.

    Dale, Dec 10, 2006
  15. RajKohli

    Dale Guest

    Oh, wait. This was the Vista group. It is the WMP groups where the
    employees state that they can take no action about a bug if they learned
    about it in a newsgroup.

    Sorry for the distraction.

    Dale, Dec 10, 2006
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