ARTCLE= If You Think SP1 Fixed Windows Vista, Think Again

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. I have been vindicated once more!,_Think_Again

    If you think that the first service pack for Windows Vista has managed to
    fix what was broken with the latest Windows client, think again.

    The same problems that were initially associated with the gold version of
    Vista have survived and moved on as the legacy of SP1. At the end of its
    first year of availability on the market, Vista had passed the 100 million
    sold license milestone, and according to Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Chief
    Executive Officer, present at MIX08 the past week, the platform is the
    second most popular Windows operating system in the world, despite its long
    line of problems.

    "I'm not saying that there aren't things that customers choose to comment
    on. Come on, the number one issue we've had customers have issues on were
    application compatibility and driver compatibility. We made a very concrete
    set of choices in order to enhance the security, Vista is a very secure
    system. We've had very little issue of that kind. It's the most secure
    client operating system out there. But we did have it we did make the choice
    to kind of hurt compatibility and our customers have let us know that that
    has been very painful," Ballmer stated.

    Still, the promise was that with Windows Vista SP1, Microsoft would soften
    all the rough edges of the operating system. But just like the gold version
    of Vista, the RTM build of Vista SP1 experienced integration issues with
    existent hardware drivers, a detail that led to the postponing of SP1's
    general availability until mid-March.

    "A couple of things have happened, a lot of the apps have now been upgraded
    to be compatible, and the drivers have been upgraded. We've shipped our
    first service pack, Service Pack 1, which allows us to factor in a lot of
    the quality and other suggestions that people have made, and I think we're
    starting to see more uptake now in the business market, and Vista continues
    to sell quite strongly in the consumer market," Ballmer added.

    But not only is Vista SP1 not resolving the driver incompatibility issues of
    Vista, but it is introducing new ones. Microsoft warned on March 12, that in
    certain scenarios, following the deployment of Vista SP1, end users might
    experience sound problems.

    The company enumerated the issues starting with the fact that: "no sound is
    produced when you play audio files or run programs that have an audio
    component. The speaker symbol next to the clock in the notification area may
    display the following message: 'No Audio Output Device is installed.' The
    Sound Controller in Device Manager displays a yellow exclamation point."

    The glitch is entirely the fault of Vista SP1. What the service pack does is
    to update system files upon installation and inbox device drivers are
    refreshed in an effort to evolve device reliability. This is done via the
    redeployment of device drivers at the very end of Vista SP1's installation.
    But this specific step could fail and result in no new drivers being

    Microsoft advices end users to first restart the Windows Vista SP1 machine,
    then unplug and plug back in the speakers, as well as verifying the default
    output device. If these steps fail, then users should check to see if the
    audio device driver exists, and either perform an installation or an update.
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
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  2. On the Bridge!

    Frank Guest


    Vindicated from what?
    The fact that you're an idiot who also just happens to be a moron?
    I don't think so.
    Try reading the article bozo.
    Now tells us exactly which driver incompatibility your one little
    install of Vista suffers from, ok?
    Frank, Mar 14, 2008
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  3. On the Bridge!

    dzomlija Guest

    This is a forum where people come to ask questions about problems the
    are having so that they can be resolved. The absolute last thing we nee
    here is people that do nothing but confuse the issue

    Don't you have anything better to do other than echoing second-han
    information? Where is the original Microsoft-posted article that say
    sound will stop working after installing Vista SP1


    Peter Alexander Dzomlij
    -Do you hear, huh? The Alpha and The Omega? Death and Rebirth? And a
    you die, so shall I be Reborn...

    :cry:-U--nfortunately, my rig (As seen i
    went south thanks to mother nature and a lightning bolt to the main
    supply that my UPS could not stop. Now I'm just waiting for th
    insurance payout, so I can build a new machine.-
    ' (
    dzomlija, Mar 14, 2008

    then you wont have anything to say anymore franky poo... lol
    Ahh frank is back to insult mode...
    How quaint....
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  5. On the Bridge!

    Mikep Guest

    Why its right here!

    After you install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), you may experience one
    or more of the following problems with sound:


    Mikep, Mar 14, 2008
  6. On the Bridge!

    Frank Guest

    So you can't answer the question huh?
    You're pathetic! You know nothing. You're an attention starved bandwidth
    sucking weakling.
    Grow up!
    We're all sick of your diatribe bullsh*t!
    Got it?
    Frank, Mar 14, 2008
  7. On the Bridge!

    dzomlija Guest

    See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Backing up a claim with facts from a
    legitimate, reputable source.

    But quoting directly from the KB Article:
    fault of SP1, but of the user who has neglected to keep his/her drivers
    up-to-date in the first place?


    Peter Alexander Dzomlija
    -Do you hear, huh? The Alpha and The Omega? Death and Rebirth? And as
    you die, so shall I be Reborn...-

    :cry:-U--nfortunately, my rig (As seen in
    went south thanks to mother nature and a lightning bolt to the mains
    supply that my UPS could not stop. Now I'm just waiting for the
    insurance payout, so I can build a new machine.-'
    ' (
    dzomlija, Mar 14, 2008
  8. Nah.. wrong again. This is not a forum. Its a newsgroup.
    If you are getting these messages via a forum or the microsoft web interface
    that is only
    a secondary way to view the real contents of this newsgroup. The normal way
    is through a newsreader.
    And anyone is free to come and express their opinion about vista.
    This is good. People who come here get to see all aspects of vista, and not
    only the sugar coated hype.

    I dont see why you wont want the truth to come out. I think that knowing the
    truth is more important for users
    than to solve a single problem they may have. But I do help them with those
    very often too.

    If you dont like this way that newgroups function, I suggest you join or
    create your own moderated forum.

    Have a good day.
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  9. Frank you may want to lure me into one of your ongoing fights.. and insult
    throwing sprees...
    It wont work with me...
    If you dont want to read my posts please just block me, because you know I
    wont stop & ill just ignore you.. lol
    Actually no. I just post news that may interest people who like getting a
    global view of vista. I can depend on you
    showing the good parts of vista... keep telling them those. And I will show
    the other side whenever I stuble upon an article.

    I see no problem with that. There are 2 sides of the coin always...

    there is a fundemental law in nature called duality.

    On the other hand I will keep giving my support and help to people with
    vista problems, as I did for many years with XP.

    I may post critical news about vista, but I also give a helping hand to
    people in need, because those are who I care about.

    When was the last time you helped someone in here Franky poo?

    I suggest you clean up your act, wash your mouth with soap, sober up, take
    your meds,
    and help some people instead of insulting everyone you dislike.

    Now THAT is totally wasted time ....
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  10. On the Bridge!

    dzomlija Guest

    Actually, I am a moderator on

    And it's not that I don't want the truth to come out - it's that I want
    all claims of any kind to be backed up with facts sourced from reputable
    sources. I never even heard of KezNews until your post linked to an
    article of theirs, so they in my book are not a reliable source. Another
    poster (MikeP) had the right idea here by providing a link to the
    Microsoft KB article that mentions the possible issue with sound after
    SP1 is installed. That is a reliable source then.

    We live in a skeptical world, and nothing should be taken on faith
    anymore. Nothing.


    Peter Alexander Dzomlija
    -Do you hear, huh? The Alpha and The Omega? Death and Rebirth? And as
    you die, so shall I be Reborn...-

    :cry:-U--nfortunately, my rig (As seen in
    went south thanks to mother nature and a lightning bolt to the mains
    supply that my UPS could not stop. Now I'm just waiting for the
    insurance payout, so I can build a new machine.-'
    ' (
    dzomlija, Mar 14, 2008
  11. Hey.... as you may have understood, Im not that serious into bashing
    vista... most of the times I include jokes in my posts.

    I realy have no ill intent.. but what is alarming that people react
    violently when I just post stuff they dont want to see or believe... lol

    Remember, losen up, we are not in a court of law trying to determin if vista
    is guilty or not...

    its a newsgroup... with many different people expressing many different
    sides of the same thing.

    I have no problem with normal posters... not even frank although he curses
    all the time.

    The only people I dislike is spanky-kevpan who post irrelative stuff about
    politics in here and alexb who is a racists.

    Such stuff dont belong in here.

    But positive AND negative news about Vista do belong in here. Both are good
    for the viewer of this newsgroup ...

    its better to know more about an OS than live in the dark. Vista means VIEW,
    dont try to blind people.
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  12. correction "post irrelevant stuff "

    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  13. On the Bridge!

    Frank Guest

    Sorry pal, but no can do. Blocking is for losers. I will always rile
    against liars and trolls and hate mongers. You bridge that gap. You tell
    half truths which in effect, are whole lies. And you've been conducting
    a Vista hate campaign from the start.
    Yeah, the truth and the lie.
    Cut the crap ok? You're not all that bright or well educated and we all
    know that.
    Yeah, google is your friend.
    You only care about seeing your name in print.
    Google is your friend!
    I'd suggest you either stop your lying and your Vista hate campaign or
    else get lost.
    Frank, Mar 14, 2008
  14. On the Bridge!

    Frank Guest

    I'm afraid that you're the one who is really afraid of the truth.

    I think that knowing the
    Google is your friend.
    Oh! Can't take the criticism, cc...LOL!
    Frank, Mar 14, 2008
  15. you understand that vistax64 is pulling these newsgroup posts from the
    newsgroup, right?

    the real source is the newsgroup that permits freedom of expression. You may
    have moderation rights on the forum
    but not here. And this is a good thing. I would never like to be muted, as
    long as what I post is relevant to the newsgroup I am posting on.

    Backing up EVERYTHING is a tedious chore, and I don't have or even want to
    do it. Whoever likes reading some informative news ok.. they are free to
    research the matter further by their own, in their own time.

    I am not on some mission to degrade Microsoft... lol
    Had I wanted I could have made videos showing some very disturbing aspects
    of vista and put them on youtube so millions would see.. but why? I have
    nothing to gain ... I only post out of interest in all aspects of an OS... I
    use vista and even advise people to get vista with new computers...

    Ok I may understand that its hard to categorize me. why?
    I post negative news about vista, but on the other hand I help vista users,
    I call it the crap OS, but I also use it and advise people to get it with
    new computers...

    I don't blame you for not being able to add a label on me. Its perhaps that
    some people are too complex for a simple label?

    I hope I am one of those complex people.

    I hate labels... hey I even have defended vista...
    so chill out...

    this is just a newsgroup.
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  16. I can just imaging a frank moderated forum.. lol

    can you imagine what that would be?

    Anyone who posts vista-pro stuff will be left intact.. all the others would
    be crammed up with insults or banned...

    LOL FRANK, you are a riot...
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  17. Sorry pal, but no can do. Blocking is for losers

    at last we agree on something.

    I say something that one of your presidential candidates
    is saying... "We can disagree without being disagreeable."

    are you capable of that? I am.
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  18. On the Bridge!

    Jay Guest

    Have to say in the month I've been here (and the 6 months, ages ago, when I
    first got Vista), I haven't seen a single post from you offering help.
    Perhaps I missed them. Very possible given the traffic here. What I have
    seen is troll baiting, new threads started pointing to nonsense
    youtube/Wikipedia articles and comments about incest and bestiality.
    Maybe you used to help but have now tailed off and are fighting some form of
    crusade against people. If you aren't careful you will be seen as one of
    those people that you spend hours per day replying to.
    Jay, Mar 14, 2008
  19. Frank doesn't have the technical know-how to help.. but he has been in here
    since this newsgroup was started...

    Some of my technical wizardry should have rubbed off to him, if only he paid
    attention to what I say instead of rushing to the end of each post to snip
    and add his insults..

    LOL... frank is amazing
    On the Bridge!, Mar 14, 2008
  20. On the Bridge!

    dzomlija Guest

    I know where the posts of vistax64 come from. I just find that workin
    through the moderated web interface is far simpler than what any new
    reader can give me. It's far more productive too, because I'll have on
    less program running that is vying for my attention. Using the we
    interface, I stay in Internet Explorer 7, where about 75% of my work i

    Yeah, I know that, but posting either positive or negative comment
    with links to a reputable source (like Microsoft) strengthens you
    claims, and minimizes the chance of being labeled a troll. It give yo
    credence and better serves to help those who read your posts

    Vista is not perfect. No OS in the world can make that claim. Bu
    disturbing? I find that hard to believe

    I never tried to label you. But calling Vista a crappy OS is hardl
    helping people..

    Each unto his own, right

    Oi! that's all I've been doing since last week Tuesday (4 March 2008)!

    Mother nature decided that it was time to retire my computer with
    bang, and I'm running on a Windows XP machine with only 512MB of memor
    while I'm waiting for the insurance pay out

    I'm going out of my mind here


    Peter Alexander Dzomlij
    -Do you hear, huh? The Alpha and The Omega? Death and Rebirth? And a
    you die, so shall I be Reborn...

    :cry:-U--nfortunately, my rig (As seen i
    went south thanks to mother nature and a lightning bolt to the main
    supply that my UPS could not stop. Now I'm just waiting for th
    insurance payout, so I can build a new machine.-
    ' (
    dzomlija, Mar 14, 2008
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