Article: Windows Vista Simply Can't Catch a Break - Maybe with SP1 - But its a big maybe

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by vista user 43, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Its sad that many people are just beginning to realize how bad vista is, I
    saw how horrid it was more than a year ago after using it for say 5 mins!
    Of course I predicted this reaction.. but I thought Vista would be declared
    trash faster than it has been... I actually thought people
    would realize this faster...

    ""That's been a disappointment. Our customer surveys tell us customers are
    adopting at a slower rate than we -- or anyone else -- thought.""

    Oh you don't say? Why is it that I saw vista was crap right away???? Its a
    miracle vista is still being sold!

    Link towards article>

    At over one year since Windows Vista was released to manufacturing and after
    it shipped to businesses in November 2006, and at almost 12 months since the
    operating system hit the shelves, it simply cannot catch a break. The last
    statistics related to the market performance of the latest Windows client to
    come out of Redmond pointed to in excess of 88 million licenses
    shipped to the company's channel partners. At the same time, data published
    by market metrics firm Net Applications points to the fact that Vista is
    right on track to hit the 10% market share/100 million copies by the end of
    2007. Still, with the sole exception of Microsoft, the general perception is
    that Vista's uptake in the corporate environment is suffering drastically.

    Businesses are notably slow at adopting new technology, and as Vista
    requires a healthy underlying infrastructure, companies generally
    synchronized migration to the new software with their next hardware upgrade.
    At the same time, the first service pack for Vista is regarded as a sign of
    maturity, and there are examples of large corporations, such as Intel and
    Dell that have postponed jumping to Vista well after SP1. While Microsoft
    gave strong indications that it was in fact selling Vista in the corporate
    environment, independent studies come to illustrate the contrary, revealing
    that although the adoption of the operating system will pick up in the
    coming year, the rate of uptake will still be low.

    "That's been a disappointment. Our customer surveys tell us customers are
    adopting at a slower rate than we -- or anyone else -- thought. Even those
    that have licenses and can move quickly are not. Our CIO has been using
    Vista now for a long time. His comment is that it would take three or four
    hours for every user to learn Vista. He thinks it will be a big investment.
    For end user customers, the investment is not just in teaching Vista, but in
    new hardware to go along with it. It will continue to be adopted, but it's a
    slower base than anyone thought it would be a couple years ago", revealed
    John Edwardson, chairman and CEO of CDW, as cited by Channel Web.

    In this context, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will be a turning point for
    the operating system. Microsoft has just made available a public version of
    Vista SP1 RC1, but has failed to deliver an accurate deadline for the
    delivery of the refresh. And most of all, the Redmond company has constantly
    downplayed the relevance of SP1, gearing users directly to Vista or to
    Windows Update. In this regard, Microsoft has managed to create the
    perception that SP1 will not turn a new page for Vista.
    vista user 43, Dec 16, 2007
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  2. vista user 43

    John Adams Guest

    Boo... Hiss...

    Down with new technology and more functionality...

    Down with anything different than my tiny little mind can handle...

    Down with change, it's too scary for me...

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...

    geez, people.

    Go whine in an Ubuntu forum for a change.
    John Adams, Dec 16, 2007
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  3. smart people say yes to new things that are better
    and no to new things that are crap...

    simple rule.. why cant you understand it?
    vista user 43, Dec 16, 2007
  4. vista user 43

    Frank Guest

    vista user 43 wrote: arrogantly stupid and totally ignorant rant.
    Get a life loser!
    Frank, Dec 16, 2007
  5. vista user 43

    Frank Guest

    Face it capin''re just stupid...LOL?
    Frank, Dec 16, 2007
  6. vista user 43

    DP Guest

    So, "Vista is right on track to hit the 10% market share/100 million copies
    by the end of 2007."
    However, "Businesses are notably slow at adopting new technology," and
    apparently are slow at adopting Vista.

    So where's the problem? It is going to hit its target for the end of the
    year (according to the article) and it's not being picked up quickly by
    businesses, who are known for not picking up new technology quickly.

    I fail to see where the problem is, despite the author's contention that
    Windows can't catch a break.
    DP, Dec 17, 2007
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