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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Melville High School, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. My neighbor got a new Dell with Vista. She is not sure what she did except
    to logon as herself; Sandry

    She was the ony Admin but she changed her security from ADMIN to Standard

    Now when she wants to do anything, VISTA is asking for a password? Can she
    reboot into SAFE mode | Control Panel | Create New User | As and
    administrator ?

    She said she restarted into SAFE mode but VISTA keeps asking for a Password.
    She does not know what she did or what she will do.

    Thank you for any advice you may have ; Regards From The French Quarter ~
    Southerners can never resist a losing cause.
    Melville High School, Jul 24, 2009
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  2. Melville High School

    Bill Daggett Guest

    She downgraded her account is probably now "screwed" and will have to
    reset that password.
    Bill Daggett, Jul 24, 2009
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  3. Melville High School

    Malke Guest

    Did she forget to make an extra administrator account before demoting her
    own user account to Standard? If yes, she can try booting into Safe Mode.
    Although the built-in Administrator account is disabled by default, if
    there are no other administrative user accounts on the system,
    Administrator will be enabled and she can click on its picture on the
    Welcome Screen. Once in, she should consider setting up her user accounts
    per the following general recommendations. If Administrator is *not* on the
    Welcome Screen in Safe Mode, then she will need to enable it. Rather than
    include the lengthy instructions to do this, I will wait until I hear back
    from you about that.

    General Recommendations For Setting Up Users In Vista:

    You absolutely do not want to have only one user account. Like XP and all
    other modern operating systems, Vista is a multi-user operating system with
    built-in system accounts such as Administrator, Default, All Users, and
    Guest. These accounts should be left alone as they are part of the
    operating system structure.

    You particularly don't want only one user account with administrative
    privileges on Vista because the built-in Administrator account (normally
    only used in emergencies) is disabled by default. If you're running as
    Administrator for your daily work and that account gets corrupted, things
    will be Difficult. It isn't impossible to activate the built-in
    Administrator to rescue things, but it will require third-party tools and
    working outside the operating system.

    The user account that is for your daily work should be a Standard user, with
    the extra administrative user (call it something like "CompAdmin" or "Tech"
    or the like) only there for elevation purposes. After you create
    "CompAdmin", log into it and change your regular user account to Standard.
    Then log back into your regular account.

    If you want to go directly to the Desktop and skip the Welcome Screen with
    the icons of user accounts, you can do this:

    Start Orb>Search box>type: netplwiz [enter]
    Click on Continue (or supply an administrator's password) when prompted by

    Uncheck the option "Users must enter a user name and password to use this
    computer". Select a user account to automatically log on by clicking on the
    desired account to highlight it and then hit OK. Enter the correct password
    for that user account (if there is one) when prompted. Leave it blank if
    there is no password (null).

    Malke, Jul 24, 2009
  4. Melville High School

    serpentracer Guest

    I use just one account on mine. even the guest account is off. I als
    don't have to log on to my computer either. that's just annoying to me.

    and I turned off the annoying UAC so I don't get the annoying pop up
    asking for a password to view anything
    serpentracer, Jul 27, 2009
  5. Melville High School

    Rick Rogers Guest

    and I turned off the annoying UAC so I don't get the annoying pop ups
    Including malware that usurps user privilege to install itself sight unseen.
    Rick Rogers, Jul 27, 2009
  6. Melville High School

    Malke Guest

    Heh. Another Windows user makes the Internet and email more enjoyable for
    the rest of us.

    Malke, Jul 27, 2009
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