Aspect Ratio Problems Importing Into Movie Maker Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by Cthu1hu, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Cthu1hu

    Cthu1hu Guest

    I am having problems getting Movie Maker to import video from my digital
    video camera in the correct aspect ratio. I am using Vista Ultimate on a HP
    9205 Pavilion laptop and a Panasonic NV-GS25 video camera.

    I filmed in "cinema" mode, which letterboxes a regular 4:3 image to mimic
    widescreen. When I import this into Movie Maker, it stretches the image
    horizontally, resulting in an aspect ratio more like 2.35:1. This occurs
    whether I choose 4:3 or 16:9 as the video monitor aspect ratio. The only
    difference that changing this setting has is to change the amount of black
    space above and below the video.

    I would use the proprietary Panasonic software that came with the camera
    (Motion DV Studio 5.3) but this is not compatible with Vista - in fact, the
    installer wouldn't even run.

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
    Cthu1hu, Jun 24, 2007
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  2. One of the glaring shortcomings of Movie Maker is it lacks many basic
    tools and the ability to set up your project as YOU wish it to be as
    opposed to what Microsoft thinks it should be.

    The issue you're having is also related to frame size, not just aspect
    ratio. What frame size does your camera output to when in "cinema"
    mode and what file format? I'm guessing it is some flavor of DV AVI
    which is fine, but I'm also guessing it is using a non standard frame
    size which is easily overcome in professional editing software but if
    I had to guess it throws Movie Maker for a loop.

    To further muddy the waters all Movie Maker shows on your computer
    monitor as options for it's preview window is a laughable small, large
    or full screen which does nothing for you. The preview screen should
    show your video in the frame size and aspect ratio you are going to
    render it to. This is so basic it is laughable that you can't adjust
    it. Just so you understand what you're missing most professional grade
    video editors allow you to resize your source video within the preview
    window so it confirms to your intended frame size. In other words it
    DOESN'T MATTER what the size or aspect ratio of your source video is,
    one click brings it to what you want it to be in perfect aspect ratio.
    Further it will automatically crop or allow you to resize manually if

    What is your intended target for your finished project? You going to
    try to make a CD, DVD, a actual video, slide show, send back to your
    camera after editing, just play back off your computer, what?
    Adam Albright, Jun 24, 2007
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  3. Cthu1hu

    Cthu1hu Guest

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your response - most of what I film is just home movie style
    stuff, so I plan to burn it off to DVD. I occasionally dabble with
    amateur-level filmmaking, but nothing I would call serious. If there are
    professional packages you use and could recommend, I'd be happy to hear the
    advice - in the meantime, it doesn't fix the problem that Movie Maker appears
    to be causing.
    Cthu1hu, Jun 26, 2007
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