At my wits end - Importing Windows Mail emails into Windows Mail

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by smittyi1999, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. smittyi1999

    smittyi1999 Guest

    Am I the only one who hasn't been sucessful importing emls into Windows
    Mail? I've searched the net up and down and nothing has helped.

    I had to reinstall the operating system on a Toshiba laptop and did
    File, Export to save the Windows Mail emails to a CD.

    Reinstalled the factory default system and did File, Import, etc. to
    get them back in. The folders show up but the emails show no Subject or
    From information, and the Date field shows the imported date. A lot of
    folders are empty. Emails are blank but the headers show jibberish.
    Some of the things that I've tried are:

    - dragging and dropping the emails into the Inbox
    - doing the process of deleting the WindowsMail.MSMessagesStore file,
    along with files in the Backup directory
    - making sure they're not read only by copying them locally
    - installed Windows Live mail - same thing happens
    - called Microsoft but because it's an OEM product, it's a Toshiba

    I've also noticed that my system slows down considerably, but when I
    delete the imported emails Vista goes back to normal speed.

    I'm willing to pay at this point, either Microsoft or someone here who
    may be able to help.

    Any suggestions?
    smittyi1999, Nov 12, 2008
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  2. smittyi1999

    smittyi1999 Guest

    I'm a third way there. Now the messages are showing up in proper
    folders with proper headings, but every one of them are garbled.

    This may be a word of warning to those of you who are going to do this
    in the future. Not sure if my case was because Vista was messed up, but
    the Export/Import feature did not work. Nor did just copying the
    Windows Mail folder.

    What gave me some results was restoring the user's profile. So there
    must be something in another directory that stores how the emails should
    be. Or there's a Registry setting that I never exported.

    So if you're going to back up your emails, back up your profile also.
    smittyi1999, Nov 12, 2008
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