ATI FireGL 5250 (IBM Thinkpad T60P)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Rudi Brochs, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Rudi Brochs

    Rudi Brochs Guest

    That's it for me!

    I have tried five times to install Vista Business and Vista Ultimate on my
    Thinkpad T60P. My ATI Mobility FireGL 5250 graphic adapter does not work
    well with Vista. The Microsoft certifeid driver can be used, but every time
    I start the machine I get a message saying "R300 Driver has recovered from
    serious error, and have been restarted".

    Lenovo have released ATI Catalyst driver, but using this is realy fatal.
    After several messages about seroius error I get the blue screen. I can't
    get it working.

    All this, including the fact that it's not possible to make a clean install
    just because I have an upgraded version have after some days now made me
    hate Vista. I'm going back to Windows XP!!!!

    I was expecting more from the WOW factor Bill!

    Rudi Brochs, Jan 31, 2007
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  2. Rudi Brochs

    B-rad Guest

    B-rad, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. Rudi Brochs

    LoneWolf Guest


    Sorry that you are having problems with Vista.

    We did tell you when you 1st brought up this subject
    that your graphics adaptor would not have a
    'Vista Driver'. It supports only Xp, Linux and W2k

    Where Lenovo got a driver from is any-ones guess !

    As for the 'clean' install, try at this site

    and read carefully the instructions.

    Although a 'custom install' can be done, it still won't
    work on your laptop as the graphics adaptor is not
    supported by Vista. Even the 'beta drivers' won't work.

    Can you install an ATI Graphics card in your laptop ?
    They do make super slim ones now, go to this site and
    see what you can find.
    & have a look around.

    Has IBM (site) made any suggestions ?

    It's frustrating we know, & it's not fair.
    The cost of progress is also the cost of new equipment.

    best regards

    LoneWolf, Feb 1, 2007
  4. Rudi Brochs

    LoneWolf Guest


    If you care to, and haven't done so already, please try this.
    In Add/Remove Programmes, remove all ATI installations.
    (ATI Uninstall Utility)
    Reboot computer and see if a driver is loaded.
    (hopefully it will be a VGA driver)
    Re-install Vista and see if it loads the driver you mentioned.

    I believe what is happening is that when you install Vista
    it is picking up the driver that's on your system,
    and not from the Vista DVD !? (even though it say
    Microsoft, doesn't actually mean it's from MS)

    I have searched ATI high & low and cannot find any
    mention of a 'Mobility FireGL 5250 Driver', so
    don't know where it's coming from. If Vista loads
    the same driver again after re-installation, then
    MS may believe that this driver will work, and as you said,
    IT DOESN'T, and I believe you.

    Other than that I don't know. See what IBM has to say.
    E-mail them & ask what's the deal with your adaptor !

    p.s. I can't see your picture of the MS Driver.

    LoneWolf, Feb 1, 2007
  5. Rudi Brochs

    johnm Guest

    Don't even bother with

    I checked out their "Vista driver" listing for ATI cards and the file name

    I guess they don't know what "XP2K" means...
    I even d/l'ed it in case it was a typo and sure enough all the file
    timestamps were from early 2005

    look over some of their other "Vista driver" file offerings and you'll see
    the same thing.
    johnm, Feb 4, 2007
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