ATI HDTV Wonder can work with Analog and HDTV under MCE 2005

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by KenGraham, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. KenGraham

    KenGraham Guest

    I have a Dell XPS Gen 2 orginally with XP Home. Video card = 9800 Pro (not AIW)
    Reinstalled and put MCE 2003 on it.
    Upgraded to MCE 2004 (Harmony).

    Bought HDTV Wonder. Could not get analog tuner to work under MCE 2004 until
    found hacked AIW drivers that included the MCEE drivers.
    Uninstalled all ATI software (including 9800 drivers).
    Reiinstalled latest 9800 driversfor MCE from ATI's website, then MCEE of
    hacked drivers (find on Didn't install the other
    portions of the hacked drivers.
    Installed all of HDTV Wonder software either from CD or the latest off the

    At this point able to view analog TV via MCE 2004 and MMC. DTV only through

    My machine started to have problems shutting down so I decided I needed to
    do a clean install, but before doing so I upgraded to MCE 2005 (Symphony).

    At first, trying to start the MCE 2005 TV app, would freeze MCE video but
    could hear the audio.
    Redid above process of unstalling all of ATI software and reinstalling I
    think with the exception of the MCEE. Afterwards was able to view analog and
    digital TV in MCE 2005 but neither in MMC.

    Since I was still having shutdown issues dispite the upgrade to MCE 2005, I
    did a clean install to MCE 2005.
    I did all windows updates and did the latest ATI drivers and software
    install for both the 9800 Pro and the HDTV Wonder. I also included the AIW
    MCEE from the hacked drivers. MCE 2005 will not recognize the tuner.
    Also MMC doesn't work at all either.

    The moral of the story is is you want both tuners of the HDTV Wonder to work
    now, clean install MCE 2004 and get the analog tuner to work with the hacked
    AIW drivers which include the MCEE, then upgrade to MCE 2005. Otherwise we
    will have to wait for ATI to release a MCE 2005 SW encoder kit.
    KenGraham, Oct 29, 2004
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