ati RC1 driver and the ATI AIW 9600

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Mikey8567, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Mikey8567

    Mikey8567 Guest

    Ok It seems that ATI is running behind on these Vista drivers, they claim to
    be the first to "ATI is one of the

    first graphic providers to make a 32 and 64-bit driver that supports the
    Longhorn Display Driver Model (LDDM) "

    thats fine and all and I've been runnignt he AIW series since the AIW128pro.
    I see posts speaking of "black

    screen of death" I'm guess it's meaning the old MS "Blue Screen Of DEATH"
    Ok this what I have done so far. Installed RC1 as a upgrade and also a clean
    install, I have totaly removed all

    traces of the drivers and reistall the newest driver set for ATI AIW 9600
    "2006 edition" .

    The install goes flawless and once it's done I have checked the install log
    and have seen it went without any

    errors installing... It then ask's to rebot so the new drivers can take
    effect. I do that and then it boots up,

    go's to the Vista log in screen where I log in and it then goes to the blue
    arora screen witht eh spinning blue

    circle and the word welcome (vista's is loading the desktop) and then it
    goes to a full BDS then after about

    5sec's it reboots the system...

    THis has continued as long as I'm will to do the log in. I have started
    Vista in safemode, removed the install

    from ATI, then rebooted the system (hot and cold start (reset, or compleat
    power down)). The system reboots

    fine with no issues and I compleatly removed all traced of the ati drivers
    and even the file I downloaded

    (thinking it was a corrupt file D/L), redown loaded it and reinstalled ot to
    get the same thing all over again!

    I thought about the remote and unpluged it during the install and even
    after, I did the same thing with My

    eHome IR Transciever (WMC remote) and no change. I run a muilt OS system
    (XP SP2 & Vista on it's own drive) I

    booted XP and all was fine with the card.

    Guess that after all that it is in one or the other (Catalyst Beta Driver ,
    Catalyst Control Center) and not a

    hardware issue due to a roll back solving the issues.

    I guess I will waith for a responce from ATI and or a newer version of
    Catalyst Beta Driver and Catalyst

    Control Center.

    AMD Athlon xp 1.34ghz
    KCS K7S5A MB
    512 M ram
    SB Audigy Pro
    60gig (xp sp2) 80gig (vista) HD's
    ATI All-in-wonder 9600agp "2006 edition"

    BTW I found the info for "Tuner Not Found" in WMC at ati if anyone is
    haveing that prob.
    Mikey8567, Sep 16, 2006
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  2. Mikey8567

    rclarke6 Guest

    I had exactly the same problem when i downloaded and installed the ati
    beta vista drivers in rc1. I got the blue screen just after i logged in . I
    have the ati 850 extreme edition platinum card in my dell xps gen 5 with 4
    gigs of ram. I rolled back to the windows drivers in safe mode and everything
    was ok. I also uninstalled the catalyst control center and all of its
    components. However after i did this a couple of days later windows update
    found just the ati beta driver by itself, with none of the other catalyst
    control center stuff with it, and installed it automatically, and its working
    fine, it failed on the secondary install, but it installed the primary one.
    which is ok because i don't use a second monitor. as i said its working
    perfectly with the new drivers , so i assume that the blue screen has
    something to do with all the other stuff in the download from ati that the
    pure drivers don't have when installed from windows update.
    rclarke6, Sep 16, 2006
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  3. It's not just you, I have an X700 Pro and though I'm not getting a BSoD with
    the ATi Catalyst Beta Driver, I get a completely corrupted screen on reboot,
    and have to either roll back using System Restore or remove the drivers from
    safe mode.

    I don't think ATi is as anxious to get working drivers for all finished just
    yet since Vista isn't finished.

    I can live without OpenGL for now, I'll just boot to XP if I need it (not
    that I'm a gamer, so for now I haven't seen XP since the day Vista RC1 came

    The basic drivers work pretty well for day to day stuff, and DirectX is
    humming along, so far.

    Michael Palumbo, Sep 16, 2006
  4. Mikey8567

    Jeff Guest

    PS. That'll solve the display settings window comin up eveytime ya boot
    Jeff, Sep 16, 2006
  5. Mikey8567

    rclarke6 Guest

    rclarke6, Sep 16, 2006
  6. Mikey8567

    Jeff Guest

    The native vista driver's ARE ffrom ATI;and work best
    Jeff, Sep 16, 2006
  7. Mikey8567

    Mikey8567 Guest

    Ok here's an update after fiddling with this beast for most of the day:

    I loaded up in safe Mode, pulled up the device/drivers for My 9600 and
    rolled it back (before I did I noticed that the "ati RC1" driver did show a
    secondary display) then rebooted.... started up no BSoD but one thing I tried
    was I left all the rest of the catylest software installed. I open up
    catylest and run thru it's settings snd they seemed to all work fine (didn't
    mess with multi display). So it seems now that it's truely the "updated" ati
    driver thats causeing the issue, whether it's the multi display support or an
    address issue with the drive I'm not sure.

    So thats where I am now. After doing the above I have done at least 15
    restarts and no issues as of yet!

    And BTW TY for that statment about the tuner portion of the card, that
    would explain why I can't get WMC to see the tuner card!

    Also if you have a "Unknown usb reciever" listed in your device manager then
    use the driver from xp for it. It's the ATI REMOTE WONDER+ driver. It's
    installed the driver and it's working fine..

    Hope it helps! And again sorry about allt eh copies above or below this
    post. News Group Manager please delete the copies of this post...

    Good luck All!
    Mikey8567, Sep 17, 2006
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