Audio drivers for Intel Sigmatel onboard audio

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Jo, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Jo

    Jo Guest

    I have a new Gateway with Sigmatel audio on an Intel board. I installed
    Vista and lost the sound, even though Vista claims there is a driver
    installed for the Sigmatel audio chip. I then installed the latest Intel
    driver on it's site and supposedly the sound was installed, but it is not
    what I call sound, just some low groans and beats. It isn't even good enough
    to be called distorted. Has anyone had luck getting sound from the Sigmatel
    chip and if so, how? I'm discgusted that even INtel can't provide adequate
    sound drivers for Vista even after it's introduction. The computer is
    worthless without sound, at least to me. Or maybe MS should take the wrap
    for programing a sound system that no one can provide sound drivers for!
    There is also lots of trouble with SoundBlaster cards and audio and no
    drivers for all their cards.
    Jo, Feb 8, 2007
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  2. Jo

    JoRene Guest

    I'm replying to my own message as I found a way to get the drivers
    installed. Don't know if this is necessary, but first uninstall Sigmtel
    drivers currently on computer. Then I reinstalled WinXP drivers using
    compatibility mode for WinXPsp2. Sound was awful, but at least the sound
    device was listed. With the Vista drivers it said no sound device was
    present. Then, without uninstalling anything (as windows vista drivers seem
    to leave out something) I installed the vista drivers through device manager
    by browsing for the folder where the inf file was located (WDM folder under
    the expanded Vista driver folder.) Once that was done and I'd rebooted, I
    had pretty good sound and everything seems to be working. Mike isn't too
    clear all the time, but at least it's giving me passable sound (as I use it
    a lot for internet phoning to my grandkids overseas.) Hopefully this will
    help some others out there having problems. This might not have happened
    with a clean install, but I was trying to see what an upgrade install would
    be like. (Still using RC2). When I get my upgrade disk, I'll know what to
    do for the best install.
    JoRene, Feb 8, 2007
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  3. Jo

    Red XIII Guest

    I too am getting no sound, however my computer lists it as "working properly."

    I also have a Sigmatel device on an Intel board...*sigh* vista is starting
    to cause me much disdain! I want to try your method, but I'm not as computer
    literate as yourself. Can you help me out?
    Red XIII, Feb 9, 2007
  4. Jo

    MICHAEL Guest

    The only way I have ever gotten sound to work
    with the Sigmatel sound card, was to us the XP
    drivers. It has been this way since Beta2. Doesn't
    matter that Windows installs something that says
    "Sigmatel" or Windows Update says there is an update
    for "Sigmatel"- they never work.

    Use the drivers/setup from XP. You can go to
    Gateway's site and download the installation for
    your computer.

    MICHAEL, Feb 9, 2007
  5. Jo

    Jo Guest

    First go to the Intel web site and download the latest sigmatel Vista
    drivers. There is one that is quite recent. I looked under motherboards and
    found one that matched mine as closely as possible as far as chip set, etc.
    The driver that comes up will work with many motherboards, so it isn't that
    MB specific. Also download (if you don't have them already), the latest
    WinXP driver/program for your sigmatel chip. In Vista, uninstall any
    sigmatel drivers you already have (under Add/Remove programs.) Next go to
    the folder where the WinXP driver (upzipped) is located and right click on
    the setup file and choose compatability mode/ WinXP. Install those drivers
    and reboot. You should have some kind of wierd sound that is barely
    recognizable, and you should have no flag under the sigmatel sound codec in
    device manager, as well as your sound icon should show an installed sound
    device. Now unzip the Vista driver you downloaded. Go to device manager and
    select the sigmatel codec. Select upgrade driver and then say you will
    browse for the folder. Browse to wherever you downloaded the Vista driver
    and go to the WDM subfolder. Choose this and let the program install the new
    driver. When you reboot you should have decent sound, music, etc., and when
    you select properties on the sound icon, it should show the sound device,
    with the speakers and mike working. Good luck! Hopefully Intel will
    eventually have a Vista driver that will install the sound device as well as
    the driver and you won't have to go through these hoops to get it installed.
    Jo, Feb 11, 2007
  6. Jo

    Jo Guest

    I tried that and the resulting sound was not even recognizable...just beats
    and groans. I only got good sound when I installed the Vista update, via the
    procedure described above. I'm still using the RC2 version of Vista,
    however. Maybe the final version installs something better...or works better
    with the XP drivers.
    Jo, Feb 11, 2007
  7. I am using SONY VAIO VGN-FE41S, it is using Intel Mobile Chipset 945P
    and Sigmatel HD Audio. It originally came with WINDOWS VISTA...whic
    sucks.....after downgrading it to Windows XP professional, I can n
    more hear sound coming out from my laptop. Where to find the driver
    for SigmaTel for Intel Chipset 945PM that will run just fine on Window
    Please Help
    vishalsonline, Jul 25, 2007
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