Audio playback from XP desktop (WMP 10) to PPC (WMP 9) via WLAN

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Steve Kirk, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Steve Kirk

    Steve Kirk Guest

    Apologies if this is an RTM question but 2-3 hours of looking around haven't
    helped...I'm sure it should be simple.

    I've got all my digital music files on my desktop and want to play them
    directly from my iPAQ, ideally by creating a playlist on the desktop and
    copying it to the iPAQ. Although I can navigate to the files on the desktop
    from myiPAQ when I click them, Windows claims not to recognise them. I've
    abandoned trying to navigate to them from within Media Player on the iPAQ or
    trying to copy a playlist that it recognises.

    CAn this be done and if so, a few hints or reference to a 'How-To' article
    would be much appreciated.


    Steve Kirk, Mar 25, 2005
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