Aug Updates Require new login @ passwd. protected sites

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Chad Harris, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Chad Harris

    Chad Harris Guest

    I'm on Windows Vista SP1 boxes (an Asus Notebook and a Dell Dimension
    laptop) and I have installed every Vista update provided by MSFT. I get
    advanced notice (which anyone can) of the updates and install them promptly.
    I did not install a scintilla of new software in over a month or a software
    update that would interfere in the equation.

    Immediately after installing all of the August updates MSFT provided, I
    noticed that at the many sites I have to supply a user name and password to
    sign in, I had to supply the user name and password as if I'd never signed

    This required a bit of searching for some, because there are too many to
    remember, and the requirements for passwords are varied.

    This happened immediately upon installing the August 2008 updates that I
    installed a couple days ago.

    I'm posting to ask if anyone else noticed this after installing them?

    Many thanks.

    Chad Harris, Aug 14, 2008
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  2. Chad Harris

    Alias Guest

    I assume that this happens with Internet Explorer 7? Does it happen with

    Alias, Aug 14, 2008
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  3. Did you install Vista SP1 via Windows Update or manually?


    Start a free Windows Update support incident request:

    Support for Windows Update:

    For home users, no-charge support is available by calling 1-866-PCSAFETY in
    the United States and in Canada or by contacting your local Microsoft
    subsidiary. There is no-charge for support calls that are associated with
    security updates. When you call, clearly state that your problem is related
    to a Security Update and cite the update's KB number (e.g., KB123456).

    If your problem relates to a Cumulative Security Update for IE, call the
    above number and ask to be transferred to the Consumer IE7 queue (which is

    For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary
    for security update support issues, visit the International Support Web

    For enterprise customers, support for security updates is available through
    your usual support contacts.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Aug 14, 2008
  4. Chad Harris

    Gis Bun Guest

    Almost sounds like you had some corruption. Windows would then set IE back to

    [BTW, setting to auto login on confidential sites is a big no no.]
    Gis Bun, Aug 18, 2008
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