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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by SueZee, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. SueZee

    SueZee Guest

    I'm new to this and so I'm not sure the proper protocol, but I just upgraded
    from XP to Vista. Very upset to see I can't get Outlook Express to work on
    Vista and Windows mail has been an exercise in frustration since I can't get
    my old address book imported into it or all my saved messages. But the worst
    thing of all, is that I can't seem to get it to be consistent in auto
    filling the address's when I begin to type them in the "to" field.
    Sometimes the address will fill in, and then other times it won't and I
    can't figure out what is making the difference. Outlook express never did
    this. I just can't see how windows mail is an upgrade......but it must be
    right? So, what is the trick to making the auto fill work consistently? If
    anyone can help, I would sure appreciate hearing from you! So far I'm
    really very unhappy with windows mail.
    SueZee, Feb 9, 2008
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  2. SueZee

    Guest Guest

    Your old address book is in a .wab file, so try importing that into Windows

    Windows Mail doesn't use the contacts file (address book) in completing
    addresses. It uses a separate list of the last 29 addresses you sent
    messages to. This list is very hard to edit; it's easier just to send 29
    messages to addresses you want on the list. If you'd rather use the
    contacts file, don't type any part of the address. Instead, in the new
    message window, click on Tools, then Select Recipients.

    Not everyone agrees that Windows Mail is an upgrade from Outlook
    Express. Some of them download and install Windows Live Mail,
    which handles the contacts list better.

    When installed, it hides Windows Mail but does not remove it.
    Guest, Feb 9, 2008
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