auto standby instead of auto sleep

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by mark j cornelius, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. how do I get my vista home premimum system to automatically go to the standby
    mode after a certian amount of time to where it shuts down (no fans or hard
    drives running) so that when I start it back up it starts up faster and
    resumes where I left off.
    mark j cornelius, Mar 7, 2008
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  2. Click the Start orb and look for the lock icon at the bottom of the menu,
    right. There is an arrow icon next to that to put the system to 'standby',
    also called 'sleep'

    Control Panel/Power Options has a dropbox to choose 'sleep' and the time to
    wait till it happens.

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    Mark L. Ferguson

    Mark L. Ferguson, Mar 7, 2008
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  3. mark j cornelius

    Brink Guest

    Hi Mark,

    In addition to Mark's post, follow Step Two in this tutorial and use
    the recommended settings in step 6 for Sleep.



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    Brink, Mar 7, 2008
  4. mark j cornelius

    Bob Guest

    Go to Advance Power Settings.

    Set hard drive to turn off a minute or 2 before sleep.

    Set Hybrid and Hibernate modes to "Never"

    Under USB settings select "Disable"

    Under Multimedia select "Allow ....."
    Bob, Mar 7, 2008
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