AutoInstallMinorUpdates settings change depending on AUOptions

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Tom, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    WSUS is running on a W2K3 server. Clients are W2KSP4, we are using the
    registry to define client settings and server-side targeting. The system is
    working fine so far, but I came along one issue on which I could not find
    further information.

    In the registry we normally have the AutoInstallMinorUpdates set to 0 (Treat
    minor updates like other updates). In the beginning we had AUOptions set to 3
    (Automatically download and notify of installation) which we finally changed
    to 4 (Automatic download and scheduled installation). I was surprised to see
    that this change also seemed to affect the setting for
    AutoInstallMinorUpdates according to WindowsUpdate.log on several machines
    (see below). Registry setting is however still 0.

    Does anyone know what Microsoft considers "minor updates"? I guess/hope they
    still have to be approved for installation on the WSUS server? Does setting
    the option to "yes" also mean, that the scheduled install time is ignored for
    these updates as minor updates probably won't need a reboot?

    Thanks a lot for any comments


    2005-07-12 16:56:15 864 5a0 AU # Approval type: Pre-install notify (Policy)
    2005-07-12 16:56:15 864 5a0 AU # Auto-install minor updates: No (User
    2005-07-18 15:00:38 1100 3f4 AU # Scheduled install day/time: Every day at
    2005-07-18 15:00:38 1100 3f4 AU # Auto-install minor updates: Yes (User
    Tom, Jul 19, 2005
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  2. If you're going to use Option #4, there's no reason not to enable

    As described in the policy template and in the documentation "Minor Updates"
    are those that do not require a system or service restart. In other words,
    they are totally non-intrusive to a logged on user.

    Yes, they still have to be approved for installation at the WSUS console.
    Since they do not require a restart, they should be installed at the
    earliest opportunity, ergo the option to "AutoInstallMinorUpdates" without
    having to wait for a scheduled installation cycle, or for the user to
    initiate the installation interactively (as would be the case when using
    Option #3).

    Which all means that if you have Option #4, and AutoInstallMinorUpdates
    enabled, then those minor updates don't care about the 'scheduled' time,
    because they'll be installed immediately upon detection and download.

    Where the AutoInstallMinorUpdates really earns its keep, though, is on
    servers, where it might be several days, or even once a week before updates
    are installed.
    Lawrence Garvin, Jul 20, 2005
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