Automating the deployment of a DUN/VPN connection (CMAK)

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Armin Linder, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Armin Linder

    Armin Linder Guest

    Hi everyone,

    after messing with the Microsoft Connection Manager (CMAK, from the
    Windows 2003 server CD) for more than 4 Weeks now I desperately seek
    help by the community ...

    I preset InternetUserName and InternetPassword in the .cmp file like
    described in the docs. This seems to work half way: when I open the DUN
    connection using the GUI the username field gets populated correctly,
    while the password field is blank. Obviously the password from the -cmp
    file is not imported.

    What I want is a fully automated setup of a DUN connection, and having
    the user enter the password is unacceptable, since the users may not
    know that password at all, nor may they change it.

    Has anyone managed to configura a fully automatic DUN connection using
    the CMAK and preset the ISP login credentials?

    Btw, I have found, ordered and installed MS-KB hotfix 893609 "Preset
    connection manager credentials may not work in Windows XP", which
    describes exactly the problem I experience here, but that didn't change

    Armin Linder, Nov 29, 2005
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