AVG8 loads avgrsstx.dll inside of each loaded process!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by mikk, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. mikk

    Mikep Guest

    But then, Malke brings a ton of credibility -- something you are sorely

    Malke has years of experience on 100's or 1000's of pc's. And you...

    Disclaimer: Not affiliated with, etc -- personal experience available on

    Mikep, Jul 28, 2008
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  2. Carey,

    I'm not a One Care fan, but it's certainly one program to consider....

    It's basically pointless to even respond to folks like Barney
    (Rubble?).... Just put him in your "kill" file and move on. At one point
    I was a charter member of the Dell Bot society... ;-) IIRC, I also was a
    "Dell wh*re... ;-)

    Basically, if you have (MVP) in your sig and you have the temerity to
    endorse a Microsoft program, you are a "shill". I think that Barney has
    a basic dislike of MS and anyone who dares to support them.

    There are times I'd love to let them peek at some of the threads in the
    MVP private ngs. Might surprise them the comments they see... ;-)

    I'm putting this thread in the "Ignore" category and Barney in my Kill


    Hank Arnold
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Server - Directory Services
    Hank Arnold (MVP), Jul 28, 2008
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  3. Sorry, Hank old boy. You couldn't be more wrong.

    I'm quite the "fanboy" of MS products dating all the way back to the
    days of DOS. I even attended a special rollout of DOS 5.0 at a
    downtown Chicago Hotel (The Bismark) when Bill Gates was shown on huge
    projection TV screens all over the country (satellite transmission).
    Commemorative t-shirts were given to all attendees and we were able to
    buy the boxed version at the event.

    I'm just not a fan of Carey and his recommendation.
    Paul Montgomery, Jul 28, 2008
  4. mikk

    SG Guest

    SNIPPED-comments inline below.


    Inquiring minds would like to know some specifics indeed Carey.

    That's only an opinion.This site at least seems fare and independent.
    Again, seems to be your opinion.
    Same as above.

    Whoa, now that's were I start having trouble with this automatic crap. You
    mean you trust any program to tune up your system without knowing what goes
    on behind the scenes.

    Well for XP I guess that's a feature, but Vista already has this, so why pay

    Nothing new here at all and again another useless service you have to pay

    No big deal here either. If they backup to the hard drive it's not safe and
    if a USB most forget to take it out and store in a safe place. Automatic
    backups has been around for a long time, so again nothing new.

    Huh? you're saying it wasn't designed to work exceptionally well before?

    Wow now that's something new :>)

    Paper will lay and let you write what you will on it.

    I've come close to commenting before Carey about your broiler plate replies,
    but held off. Now someone has broke the ice I thought I have a say as well.
    Nothing wrong with posting what you believe in Carey, but for this product
    you seem to go really overboard, sorry but that's just the way it seems to
    me. If you like a product that much that's fine, just don't expect others to
    jump right onboard with you.

    All the best,

    Is your computer system ready for Vista?
    Want to keep up with the latest news from MS?
    Just type in Microsoft
    SG, Jul 29, 2008
  5. Carey, in all fairness you also make general statements about One Care
    without any verification that they are correct. It's not only a negative
    claim that needs verification, positive ones do also. The first version of
    this package was horrible, it was simply useless. I'm sure they've improved
    but there are still free applications that are available that do as good or
    better a job than One Care does.
    Pete Stavrakoglou, Jul 30, 2008
  6. I can't argue with that cost but it's still more expensive than "free".

    What still surprises me is the level of apathy among users when it comes to
    security threats. I'm amazed at times of some users lack of knowledge when
    it comes to this. I recall having to fix a firends computer after her
    nephew got through using it. IT was infected beyond belief. I asked her if
    she had kept her antivirus and antispyware applications updated and the
    answer was "I have to update them?" The subscriptions had run out well over
    a year ago. I rid the machine after hours of work and loaded on AVG and
    antispyware software. For good measure I told her to keep her nephew away
    from her system for added protection.
    Pete Stavrakoglou, Jul 30, 2008
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