Avoid "Do you want to restart now? Message?

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by Theo, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Theo

    Theo Guest

    I have all Windows XP SP2 clients on a 2003 server domain and want to have
    the updates applied towards the end of the working day so that the user shut
    down counts as the required restart. This way I hope to avoid leaving all of
    the client PCs on overnight.
    I have the following GPs set
    Configure Auto Updates enabled = 4 at 17:00
    No auto restart enabled
    Allow Auto Update immediate installation enabled
    Shortly after 17:00 the users get a message on their screens saying
    "Updating your computer is almost complete ....." and " Do you want to
    restart now" with the Restart Now button only available.
    Am I trying to achieve the impossible?
    If so can anybody offer an alternative?
    I have tried enabling Delay Restart at 30 minutes but that has no effect.
    Theo, Dec 2, 2005
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  2. No... you have achieved exactly what you have indicated is the desired result.

    The updates installed at 5pm, and the user was prompted to restart their

    If you're going to use the "Install Updates at Shutdown" option, maybe you
    want to set your daily installation time later in the day, to allow users to
    actually use the shutdown installation option.
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Dec 3, 2005
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  3. No... it won't.

    The "Allow Auto Update immediate installation" policy allows updates which do
    not require a restart of the system, or a restart of system services, to be
    installed immediately upon download. To date, no updates have been observed to
    fall into this classification.

    Updates that require a reboot or restart of system services will always be
    /scheduled/ for installation at the scheduled installation time.

    The only way to impose immediate installation of updates is to set an expired
    deadline on the update approval.
    This is also NOT recommended in the described scenario. Disabling this policy
    with scheduled installations during the workday will FORCE a 5 minute restart
    on users, and they will have no options -- as noted below.
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Dec 3, 2005
  4. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Hi Lawrence
    If I use the "Install Updates at Shutdown" option do the users need to be
    local administrators which I wish to avoid? Please could you tell me where
    this option is shown - I have not enabled the two GPs that refer to
    displaying Install updates and shutdown?
    Theo, Dec 3, 2005
  5. No, they do not. That is one of the great feature/benefits of this option. ALL
    users will be prompted with "Install Updates and Shutdown", and the process
    will then run after log off of the user, but before actual shutdown, under the
    Local System context.
    The two GP settings that relate to this are set to "Not Configured" at
    installation, and according to the documentation /should/ automatically appear
    on the client when there are updates to install; however, my observation in
    actual practice has been mixed with this regard. On my office network, I had
    to mark these settings as "Disabled" to get them to activate on an XP SP2

    Yet, recently, I had occasion to observe another XP SP2 client on an
    organizational network where these policies are still "Not Configured" and the
    option worked, as documented. I don't have an explanation for the
    inconsistencies I have observed, but if they're not showing up, try marking
    those policy settings as "Disabled" and refresh the policy at the client.
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Dec 3, 2005
  6. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Thanks Lawrence this is very helpful.
    Could I just repeat what I now understand to make sure I have the whole
    1, Disabled "Do not display "Install Updates and Shut Down" Option
    2, Disabled "Do not adjust default option ...."
    3, Enabled "Configure Automatic Updates" to option 4 and 17:00
    4, Enabled "No auto-restart for Scheduled Automatic Updates"
    5, Enabled "Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation"

    My understanding is that updates that do not require a restart will install
    silently but those that do will result in the shutdown default option to be
    shown as install updates and shutdown.
    Does this mean that the Install updates and shutdown option will take
    precedence over the part of the "Configure Automatic Updates" policy that
    says that if a user is logged on they will be notified top restart the PC
    and that in effect the "Install Updates and Shut Down" Option is that
    Have I understood it correctly?
    Theo, Dec 4, 2005
  7. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Hi Lawrence
    As a follow on to my last post if in "Configure Automatic Updates" I select
    the option to "Download the updates automatically and notify when they are
    ready to be installed" can the user still not be a local admin?
    I appreciate that this would not guarantee that the updates are installed
    since the user could decline them.
    Theo, Dec 5, 2005
  8. The "install updates and shutdown" cannot take precedence over the
    activities of a /scheduled/ installation. If the /scheduled/ installation
    time comes before the user interactively initiates the shutdown, then the
    updates will be installed, and the user will be forced to comply with the
    shutdown. The "Install Updates and Shutdown"option then becomes moot, and
    will not be presented.

    This is why I suggested that you might want to make your scheduled time a
    bit later, say 7pm, to allow most users to have the ability to use the
    "Install Updates and Shutdown" option, before being preempted by a scheduled
    Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\), Dec 6, 2005
  9. In this configuration, the local user MUST be an admin, or you must have
    enabled the policy "Allow non-admins to receive update notifications", so
    that the non-admin user can initiate the interactive installation of the
    updates once they have been downloaded.

    NOTE: With Option #3, and no admin privileges, the user will still be
    presented with the "Install Updates and Shutdown" option, but the
    inconvenience of the scheduled installation is removed.

    Also note that the "Install Updates and Shutdown" feature is merely
    presented to the user as an option. The user will always have the option of
    choosing a different shutdown process .. e.g. Restart, or Shutdown (without
    installing). It would be wise to have a 'secondary' means of ensuring
    updates get installed in the event a user bypasses the "Install Updates and
    Shutdown" option.
    This is another risk, yes.
    Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\), Dec 6, 2005
  10. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Thanks very much for you help Lawrence

    Theo, Dec 6, 2005
  11. Theo

    Theo Guest

    Thanks again Lawrence

    Theo, Dec 6, 2005
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