AWStats + W2003

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Luis Manuel Cárcamo Romero, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Hello

    I have a Web Page on a W2003 Std Edition Server, with Active Perl installed
    and AWStats for Web Statistics.
    Since I installed AWStats, the AWStats works fine for a day, but the next
    day, it started the problems. It appears an error message that said "The
    page cannot be found"
    On IIS Manager, at Web Service Extensions, is allowed the Perl CGI
    Extension, as when the software work.

    Please, could you help me

    Thanks in advanced

    Luis Manuel Cárcamo Romero, Aug 24, 2005
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  2. Luis Manuel Cárcamo Romero

    Nick Clark Guest

    Have you tried talking to anyone out in the sourceforge forum? There's
    probably more of AWStats users there than here.
    Nick Clark, Aug 24, 2005
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