AzMan + ADAM + ASP .NET 2.0 problems

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by PReichert, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. PReichert

    PReichert Guest

    Hello there. I have a problem that I'm struggling to solve and I want to see
    if anyone there can provide me any help.

    The scenario is:

    I have a web app written in ASP .NET 2.0 which uses AzMan as authorisation
    provider. This app calls a class written by me which then loads a store, an
    app, a client context and do an access check on that client context.

    For development purposes I have used an XML storage for AzMan and it works
    fine. On the test server, though, I have installed ADAM and created an AzMan
    store there.

    I can then load the WebAdmin.axd tool for my web application on the test
    server and configure users and roles. As long as I don't have any user
    assigned to any role, the web applicaiton will run fine. When I add a user to
    a role, the web application breaks with an error message stating that the
    system could not find the file. The method that is failing in my application
    is the IAzAuthorisationStore.OpenApplication().

    I have then written a console app in .NET 1.1 using the same code I use on
    my web app, trying to do access checks agains AzMan with the ADAM store and
    it works.

    After playing with security stuff I have found that if I configure the web
    application to run under the context of the ADAM instance administrator, the
    applicaiton works and the security checks are done successfully. Any other
    user doesn't work.

    I have then tried to install an instance of ADAM setting a group created by
    me as administrator, but then members of that group are denied access to ADAM
    when trying to create the store.

    Does anyone have a clue of what's going on? Is that a bug in ADAM?

    PS: I have reproduced my dev server in a Virtual PC VM and I was able to
    reproduce the problem. Installing the hotfixes I was able to get from the MS
    Premier support web site didn't solve the problem.

    Cheers, thanks.
    PReichert, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. PReichert

    Lee Flight Guest


    with regard to using ASP.NET 2.0 and for AzMan you might want to post over
    on the newsgroup.

    As for hotfixes are you using ADAM KB840991 and AzMAN KB883933 or later?
    Could you say a bit more about that:

    when you installed ADAM was it a local machine group or domain group that
    you specified for administrator?

    How are you creating the store is this through the AzMan MMC and what
    is the error that you get? [Assuming here that you have the MS-AzMan.ldf

    If you manage the ADAM instance using that account in that group can you
    create a container in the location where you would be creating the store?

    Lee Flight
    Lee Flight, Mar 11, 2005
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